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3.2 in detail – Shiny new GoSquared Live API (and a competition!)


The all new GoSquared Live API. Adapt your site in real-time.

We’re often told that that our real-time data is analytical gold for the decision makers behind all kinds of online establishments; from personal portfolio sites right up to the busiest e-commerce enterprises. We pour all our passion, blood, sweat and tears into making our applications as useful, intuitive, and beautiful as possible, so you benefit from our continued efforts to make our data as insightful and actionable as possible.

But it gets better. We’ve opened the gates to our analytical gold mine, empowering developers with access to the same raw data that fuels our very own applications. With 3.2, we’ve announced the immediate availability of the new real-time GoSquared Live API.

Calling all developers!

We’re very excited about the possibilities. Using the API, you can write adaptive applications that display your sites’ traffic in any number of interesting ways. These could range from epic visualisations that boldly showcase your Ãœber development talent, to adaptive modules on your website that respond to traffic changes in real-time. The best part is, it’s all platform and language agnostic, so you can use the languages and tools you love.

Head on over to the developer documentation to check out what this baby can do.

Read on for details about our competition – win $150 of analytics by playing with our new API!

GoSquared API Demos - Radar

Example apps we’ve built with the GoSquared API.

(What we built in 2 days)

We couldn’t wait to have a play ourselves, so we’ve whipped up a couple of example applications to help inspire your creative flair and show you what’s possible with the API. We’ve created two applications:


The radar shows you a dynamic real-time representation of your users’ geographic location. Now you can view your websites’ traffic through the eyes of a James Bond villain. Sound effects not included.

Try Radar now →

Top Content

The top content widget tells you what content on your site is the most popular, right now and over time, enabling you to effectively and adaptively funnel your audience to your hottest content without even lifting a finger.

Try Top Content now →

Competition time.

The GoSquared API also facilitates seamless integration with 3rd party products and services, so platform developers can start integrating GoSquared analytics with their own systems.

I think this calls for a little competition. We’ll give away 6 months of the GoSquared Plus plan to the 3 most impressive applications built using the GoSquared API. One entry per person please (but of course you can make as many apps as you like!) To enter the competition, start working on your apps and give us a shout (and a link) via Twitter (@GoSquared) or leave a comment on this post.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to grips with the GoSquared API documentation now!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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