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A Few Updates


A Few Updates on GoSquared since launch 2 days ago

Just over 2 days ago, we launched the all new GoSquared, introducing the GoSquared Network, the completely rewritten Control Panel, Squares on other Sites, and more.

In just 2 days, we already have 14 Sites on the GoSquared Network, with more joining every day. We are really pleased that after a large influx of new users, the Control Panel is now available to thousands of Members.

The launch went smoothly, but there were a large number of bugs that simply couldn’t be sorted out until we were online. We have been working without much sleep for the last few days to fix as many bugs as possible, and improve the most important areas of the site. Here’s some of the fixes we have been working on:

New My Info Area

We have completely redesigned the My Info area, giving a polished finish to your GoSquared Account details. Editing your Account details will now lead to a more familiar CP edit pane.

New Icons and more for My Info

Top Sites

The Top Sites list on the Squares Homepage is now fully functional, and displays the most popular Sites at any given point in time based on their GoSquared Reputation.

Top Sites on the GoSquared Network

Recently Joined Sites

At the base of the Squares Homepage is a quick preview of the most recently joined Sites on the GoSquared Network. All Sites are given a large thumbnail preview image that is updated regularly. You can see more Sites by clicking the left and right arrows. New Sites are automatically added to the queue for this preview area, regardless of Reputation, giving all new Sites publicity before they have spent a penny.

Recently Joined Sites on the GoSquared Network

Support Wiki

The GoSquared Support Wiki is growing, with more and more information being added every day to help you out with viewing and using GoSquared. If you need help with anything, or think anything is missing from the Support Wiki, just Contact Us.

GoSquared Support Wiki

Other bugs that aren’t so interesting

  • Fixed a bug where GoSquared Reputation displayed error codes before Site had installed GSTC. Now shows “GSTC not yet installed” message.
  • Sign in fields for drop down on Sign In and Join pages no longer take default “edit pane: appearance. Now take browser default appearance, and smaller size.
  • Added “New” icon to Squares title in navigation bar for non-secure pages. Members signed in to the Control Panel don’t see this, because they already know the Squares system is new.
  • Added online status to Squares Overview in Control Panel, so you can see at a glance which Squares are currently public and which are awaiting approval.
  • Added a “Contact Us” and “Support” link to GoSquared Footer.
  • Removed unexpected errors from Money section of Control Panel. Improved “edit pane” styles for “Add Details” screen.
  • Fixed JavaScript “accordion” animation of Sidebar. Sidebar was expanded by default for most Members.
  • Removed typographical errors everywhere we have noticed. Please Contact Us if you spot any.
  • Removed links to currently unannounced areas of GoSquared.

Thanks for sticking with us, we’re working to make GoSquared better everyday. We hope you enjoy the Site.

Don’t forget, you haven’t experienced GoSquared until you’ve signed in…

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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