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An Update to GoSquared Accounts and Settings


Introducing GoSquared Settings - Manage your GoSquared Account easier, faster, better

Today we’re announcing two huge improvements to GoSquared. We’re introducing a new structure for user accounts and plans to make GoSquared more affordable, easier to join and simpler to upgrade. We’re also releasing an overhaul of the Site Manager application and renaming it Settings.

The new Settings app

Introducing a completely redesigned application for managing everything in your GoSquared Account, along with all the websites you’ve added to GoSquared.

Settings will look familiar if you’ve been using GoSquared for any period of time – it’s replacing what was previously known as Site Manager for managing the sites in your GoSquared Account. All the settings that were there before – editing of website name, URL, updating your site image preview, sharing options – are all still available.

Along with managing your websites, you can also edit your personal details, change your password, and upgrade your GoSquared Account (more on that shortly).

The new Settings - Upgrading and downgrading now easier than ever

Updates to GoSquared Accounts

The most notable change introduced with the Settings app is that there is a new option in the sidebar called “My Account” – head here to upgrade your GoSquared Account.

Until today, when you signed up for a plan (see plans and pricing), that plan would apply to a website on GoSquared. From now on, plans will apply to user accounts rather than to websites.

What does that mean? Before – if you signed up for a premium plan, that plan would only apply for one website, so even if you had 3 websites in your GoSquared account, you would only gain the increased pageview limit and additional features of the premium account for one website. We didn’t think that was fair – and a lot of people requested we change things so that the pageviews they were paying for could be shared across all sites in their account.

From today onwards when you sign up for a plan on GoSquared, the features and the number of pageviews on that plan will apply to all sites in your GoSquared account.

If you’re only on the free plan and you currently have multiple websites in your account then not too much will change except the pageview limit on the free plan – 10,000 pageviews monthly, will now be shared across all of your websites.

If you have any queries about the latest changes to GoSquared accounts, have a look at this support document.

Behind the scenes

We’ve improved the functionality of the Settings app to be easier to use, and even faster than before by utilising the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery goodness. You won’t have to reload the screen at all – everything refreshes immediately, and tabs switch as soon as they’re clicked without any waiting.

Settings is there to be quick and easy – people want to jump in, change a detail, and get back to looking at their stats. That’s why we designed the URL structure to allow you to bookmark any screen in Settings and return to it at a later date. It’s also why you can jump straight to Settings from the sign in screen by clicking the Settings icon. Small things, but hopefully they’ll save you some valuable time.

I don’t understand! Help me!

We’ve put together a support document outlining some of the top questions you may have regarding the changes to GoSquared accounts. Have a read of the support page, and if you still have questions please feel free to email us, tweet us, facebook us, or leave a comment on Get Satisfaction.

Still not using GoSquared for real-time web analytics? Sign up now

This has been a huge project behind the scenes for the whole team, and we hope you like the changes. It’s very easy to keep adding new features when building software, but this is one of those occasions where we dedicated considerable time to simplifying, clarifying, and improving a core part of our offering. We look forward to your feedback!


James Gill, Geoff Wagstaff, James Taylor
A.K.A. The GoSquared Team

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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