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Introducing the new GoSquared Assistant

What’s changed (and what hasn’t) in the new generation of GoSquared Assistant.

We’ve been making big changes to our Live Chat widget – GoSquared Assistant.

Since its conception, Assistant has always been about more than just Live Chat. It’s really the first place your visitors and customers can go to get help. So, it’s live chat — when it makes sense.

But at other times, it might be the most effective way to search your knowledge base, or a sales development tool that’s ready to help your visitors on their journey, or a customer success tool showing your customers how to get more value from your product.

We’d love it if you would check out the changes and show us some support over on Product Hunt.

Why have we been working on Assistant 3.0?

  • Assistant is the most visible product in our entire platform. Not only is Assistant visible to our customers, but it’s the key point of interaction for our customer’s customers. The better Assistant looks and feels, the more opportunities we can help our customers take advantage of.
  • We wanted to keep pushing the high standards of design that we set ourselves.
  • We had collected plenty of customer feedback to give us the confidence that we were focusing on improving the right aspects of Assistant. Elements that our customers truly want and need.

What’s changed?

Remove barriers with Live Translate

One of the best attributes of any SaaS company is the ability to work from anywhere and serve customers from anywhere in the world. Don’t put borders on your potential growth. Our Live Translate feature works like magic, translating messages both sent and received, in real-time.

Integrate your knowledge base with HelpDocs

Make life as easy for your customers as possible. Integrate your HelpDocs knowledge base with GoSquared and enable direct search, without leaving your site or app.

A new Button

Our new button encourages more conversations, and more conversions right from your site.

Designed to look great on all devices, with tailored animations ensuring the premium feel that your product deserves.

More effective Prompts

We’ve overhauled the look and feel of our Prompts to be even more engaging to visitors. Prompts are an amazing way to be ahead of the conversation and reach out directly to your visitors. Now, they’re even more effective.

A re-designed Live Chat interface

The whole live chat interface has been given a facelift to look and feel more like your favourite messaging tools. What’s more — it’s customisable. Set your own colour scheme that aligns with your brand.

A greater focus on Accessibility

Every single pixel of the new Assistant has been assessed for accessibility. We’ve dug into font size, colour and contrast to ensure than anyone who wants to interact through Assistant, can.

What’s stayed the same?

While we’ve revisited every pixel and every detail, our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles haven’t changed.

The world’s fastest live chat widget

Assistant is still the lightest, fastest chat widget available and won’t slow down your site or app. This is important not only to our customers who spend time making sure their app runs how they want it to, but also because it prevents missed opportunities.

Every SaaS founder know how important speed is. In your reaction to change, in serving your customers, in growth. This is no different, when your customer is ready, GoSquared Assistant is too.

Our focus on privacy

We have an intense focus on privacy.

Putting your visitors in control of their data is one route to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We have never been here for any short-term gains, we want our business, and our customer’s businesses to grow and thrive over many years.

Respecting the privacy of your customers is a key piece of that puzzle. We never sell data, we are independently certified as GDPR compliant, and we’re committed to working transparently in everything we do surrounding privacy in the GoSquared platform.

Get started with Assistant today

It’s never been a better time to use Assistant – whether you want to talk to more of your website visitors, help onboard your new users, or engage with your loyal customers, Assistant is the helping hand your audience will be thrilled to see.

You can use Assistant for free, and optionally upgrade to a paid plan when the time is right for your – from just $29 / month.

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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