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2015 Roundup of Global Metrics

How three major operating systems have been adopted in 2015

GoSquared 2015 Global Metrics

2015 has been a busy year in technology, and GoSquared’s Global Metrics have been keeping track of the changes every step of the way. Let’s take a look at the most significant developments in the world of operating system adoption this year.

Windows 10

Currently at 15% – View now.

Released on July 29th, Windows 10 was the first OS to be offered for free by Microsoft (as long as you had a genuine copy of windows 7 or 8.1).

Within the first 24 hours Windows 10 made up 3.1% of traffic of all Windows traffic. Within the first 10 days Windows 10 would reached 10% of Windows users (how fitting, 10 10 10).

GoSquared 2015 Windows 10 Metrics

Interestingly the majority of upgrades to Windows 10 have come from Windows 8 users. So what about Windows 7?

Windows 7 dominates the install base, averaging around 60%. The release of Windows 10 hasn’t significantly dented this install base. The reason why could be down to the workplace and reluctance/risk of upgrading. When you dig into the usage you can see the peaks of the working days and the dips during the weekends.

GoSquared 2015 Windows 10 Metrics

iOS 9

Currently at 73% – View now.

Released to the public on September 16th, iOS adoption rates are by far the most impressive of all metrics to watch in real-time.

Before the release the previous OS, iOS 8 was installed on 90% of devices. Within 24 hours that had dropped to 76% and iOS 9 was installed on 17% of devices. The switch as you can see below is truly dramatic.

For comparison, in the first 24 hours of iOS 8 being released it reached 8% of users. To see an install base of 17% within 24 hours for iOS 9 is really quite an achievement.

GoSquared 2015 iOS Metrics

El Capitan

Currently at 35% – View now.

The latest desktop OS by Apple, El Capitan, was released on the 30th September and within the first 24 hours claimed 11% of OS X users. Like with the rest of the metrics the vast majority of users of the new OS come from the latest version.

GoSquared 2015 OS X Metrics

The previous two versions of OS X, Yosemite (10.10) and Mavericks (10.9) would reach 10% and 8.2% of users respectively in the first 24 hours of their release.

How are these metrics calculated

This data is based on a representative sample of global traffic trends across sites using GoSquared. GoSquared tracks billions of pageviews every month across over 90,000 sites. View the Global Metrics in real-time.

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