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GoSquared is 5 Today, announcing Angel Investment and LiveStats 3.1


GoSquared is 5 years old today. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us get where we are today.

Today is a very special day for us. Today is GoSquared’s 5th birthday, and what a birthday it is.

Angel Investment from Stefan Glaenzer and other top Investors

The GoSquared Team is thrilled to announce today that we have just closed an initial round of angel investment from leading investors Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge, Robert Dighero, and Thomas Jones.

We won’t be disclosing the amount raised, but we are extremely excited about the position this puts us in to push GoSquared even further along our path to building the best real-time website analytics platform on the web. It’s fantastic to have the backing of some of the most experienced, connected investors in the London tech scene. Their belief in our plans for the future fills us with excitement for what we can achieve next.

GoSquared HQ - White Bear Yard

White Bear Yard

As part of the investment, we decided to move into some amazing offices in central London. GoSquared is now based full-time at White Bear Yard, along with other exciting UK startups including Mendeley, Smarkets, and Timetric.

Learn more about White Bear Yard.

LiveStats 3 - Watch your Traffic Unfold

Incredible Response to LiveStats 3

As many of you will know, we released the third major version of our flagship real-time web analytics app – LiveStats in mid January.

LiveStats 3 received some fantastic press attention from some of the biggest news blogs in the wold including TechCrunch, WebAppers, Web Analytics World, FUEL Your Blogging, and TheNextWeb. Not to mention the incredible feedback from everyone on Twitter – we’ve been overwhelmed by the response on Twitter, Facebook, and over email. We’ve made our best attempts to get back to everyone who’s contacted us, but if we haven’t replied to you yet we promise we’ll get round to it very soon. If you’ve mentioned us on Twitter, posted about us on Facebook, or emailed us recently, we thank you.

LiveStats 3 introduced an entirely redesigned interface, making it easier than ever to see what content is popular on your website right now. LiveStats shows you where your traffic is coming from – social media, websites, or search terms, and which pages of your site those traffic sources are leading to. With LiveStats you can visualise your website’s traffic in new ways, such as with a map view which superimposes the location of your visitors on an interactive world map. Close to 5,000 websites are now using GoSquared to monitor their traffic in real-time, and we’re absolutely thrilled with how LiveStats has been received so far.

If you haven’t already, check out LiveStats 3 now, and watch your traffic unfold.

LiveStats 3 Alerts - Instant Notification of abnormal traffic levels

One more thing – LiveStats 3.1 with Alerts

We’re pleased to bring you an update to GoSquared LiveStats. Version 3.1 unleashes a myriad of bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as a few great new features including Alerts.

LiveStats Alerts notifies you if your traffic is behaving in interesting ways. You can set upper and lower boundaries for your traffic volume, and LiveStats will alert you by email every time your traffic breaks past these boundaries. You will know immediately when you’re experiencing a traffic spike, giving you the opportunity to load LiveStats find out what’s sending you your traffic. LiveStats Alerts also notifies you when your traffic is lower than a defined boundary, for those dreaded days when your site might be having issues or is unable to cope with its current load, so you can immediately be on hand to monitor the situation.

Sign in to your GoSquared Account now to gain access to LiveStats 3.1 – start using Alerts by going to your LiveStats Preferences. Set up is easy peasy, but if you have any issues, you might find an answer on the Alerts support page.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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