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GoSquared is now an official Terra Carta Supporter!


Hot on the heels of our accreditation with The Good Business Charter, GoSquared are delighted to be recognised as an official supporter of Terra Carta! ✍️

As part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, Terra Carta is a mandate launched by the former Prince of Wales in 2021.

The mandate’s mission is to put sustainability at the heart of the private sector.

At GoSquared, we’re on a journey to incorporate climate-consciousness into both our business and software. We believe that profitability should not come at the cost of the environment.

Signing up to Terra Carta provides us with a structure to help us navigate that balance.

The Ten Articles of Terra Carta

The Ten Articles of the program’s mandate offer guidelines on how to incorporate sustainability into our actions and decisions.

The articles provide suggestions and targets for us to blend into our development in 2023. Article 2, for example, provides suggestions for embedding a “Nature, People & Planet ethos“, and for ensuring carbon offsets are “credible, transparent, and traceable”.

As we take our first steps into the world of sustainability and offsetting, these articles will provide us with valuable reference points to help guide our choices.

Taking our first steps

How have we started our journey in becoming a climate-conscious business?

We’ve taken some significant first steps in 2022 to instill the mandate’s guidance. These include;

We’re really only getting started here, and we can’t wait to see what’s still to come. Keep up with our progress, and see where the journey takes us 🙌

Thanks for reading!

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Chris is the Customer Success Lead at GoSquared and is here to share everything he knows about keeping your customers engaged and happy!

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