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Food delivery site hungryhouse.co.uk uses GoSquared to measure TV advertising

Case study: hungryhouse.co.uk

hungryhouse.co.uk is a rapidly growing food delivery site operating in the UK and as part of the global Delivery Hero group. They started TV advertising in summer 2013 and GoSquared provides minute by minute reports to help the business measure and optimise their ad spend.

This case study explores how analytics help them measure TV advertising. I sat down with Alice Mrongrovius, Marketing Director at hungryhouse.co.uk, to talk about what makes them unique and why accurate analytics make TV advertising more effective.

Can you give me some background on hungryhouse.co.uk and how you got started in the UK?

hungryhouse.co.uk is an online food ordering platform on a mission to provide our customers with the easiest way to their favourite food. Hungry customers can enter their postcode on our site or mobile app to find the best takeaway restaurants in their local area, browse menus, read reviews, order and pay online.

We have almost 10,000 restaurant partners across the UK, so the platform offers our users choice, introducing them to new cuisines and removing the need to keep a curling paper menu from the local Chinese in the kitchen drawer!

Hungry House logo

What’s unique about your approach to the food delivery market?

We take food very seriously and quality is very important to us; we have an extensive customer review system and all our restaurant partners are rated, with the best being rewarded with our annual Top Takeaways award. This review, rating and reward system is an easy way for us to ensure the best local restaurants are available to customers, and we value their feedback so we can improve our offering.

Alongside our focus on quality, we know our customers want the best food, fast. This year we introduced hungryhouse Express, offering food delivery within 45 minutes, which has proved a success for both customers and local takeaways. This unique functionality is responsive and based on a complex algorithm that takes into account various factors including distance, restaurant order volume and size of an order, before displaying the restaurants which can offer the service at the time of searching.

hungryhouse.co.uk homepage

When you started using GoSquared, what were you looking to understand?

We started using GoSquared alongside our media-buying agency MNC in August 2013. We needed to create a clear picture of the performance of our TV advertising. GoSquared analytics provides this for us. In the last year we have been investing heavily in TV advertising and need to keep a close track on the cost per visitor to our site.

The TV buying market is extremely complex and by matching GoSquared’s minute-by-minute traffic reports to our TV ad schedule, we are now able to create a clear picture of how effective our ads are, depending on their time-slot and channel. This data insight enables us to tailor and hone our advertising tactics to achieve the best results possible.

By matching GoSquared’s minute-by-minute traffic reports to our TV ad schedule we are now able to create a clear picture of how effective our ads are.

For your business, why is measuring TV analytics important?

Without accurate analytics from GoSquared, we would be flying blindly with TV advertising.

The invaluable tool allows us to run our campaigns as effectively as possible. We use the analytics reports to decide which channels we should show our ads on, at what time and to whom, so we really get the most from our ad spend.

We use analytics and data across the board to ensure we run the tightest ship possible.

How do analytics impact the broader business?

As we operate in the online space we have access to a lot of insight and our business is very data driven – we use analytics and data across the board to ensure we run the tightest ship possible.

With this tracking and insight, we can ensure we make the best decisions to control our budget and communications strategy.

Alice Mrongovius is Marketing Director at hungryhouse.co.uk.

Results for hungryhouse.co.uk

  • Minute by minute reports help quantify and analyse the impact of television advertising campaigns.
  • Media spend is allocated based on top performing channels and spots.
  • TV advertising becomes measurable and more targeted with the help of GoSquared.

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Andrew leads marketing at GoSquared.

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