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Spring Clean – GoSquared Home


Welcome to the new home of GoSquared

It’s been over a year now since we first released the Home area of GoSquared, and it’s come a long way since then. Now, we’ve given it a fresh lick of paint. It’s cleaner, simpler and much faster.

The new Home of GoSquared - screenshot

New Account Area

We’ve completely redesigned the Account screen to display the information you need simply and efficiently. Key stats are shown at the top of the page to help you decide on the right plan, and we also highlight the plan we’ve calculated to be the most suitable for your needs.

There’s also a more detailed screen providing an in-depth analysis of your account, coupons and addons.

It’s easier to manage your account than ever before.

3x faster on load times. The new home of GoSquared.


The new Home is noticeably quicker. Non-essential information is loaded after displaying your Home area so you can get to where you want with minimal delay. We’ve made our assets smaller, removing Bootstrap and other libraries. Icons are all in sprites to minimise HTTP requests.

New buttons and styling all round to be more GoSquared

More “GoSquared”

We’ve reworked the look and feel of Home so it’s more in keeping with the rest of GoSquared. We’ve improved the buttons to make them clearer, cleaner and more consistent. Modals have been completely redesigned to be fresher and more spacious, especially the Edit Site modal which is one of the top used features of Home.

Easier team sharing in GoSquared

Share with your team easier than ever

We’ve improved the sharing functionality in GoSquared Home so you can now invite your friends and colleagues to the wonderful world of real-time quickly and easily.

Easier help in GoSquared - icon by Alessandro Rei

Easier Help

Help is more accessible with an icon in the menu bar to take you straight to the support centre. From there, you can search for answers, submit a question or drop us an email.

Retina ready - the new Home of GoSquared

Retina Ready

According to our stats, the number of lucky people using Retina displays on their MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and other devices is increasing dramatically. People love GoSquared because we aim to provide the absolute best analytics experience – that’s why we ensured every little detail of the new Home is Retina ready.

GoSquared is responsive - works on all devices including the iPhone and iPad

Ready for your iPhone. And your iPad.

And any device you throw at it. Everything in Home is more responsive than ever to provide a consistent experience across all devices.

41,667 lines of code changed. Thats how much we love you.

41,667 lines of code changed. Thats how much we love you.

We work tirelessly all day every day to make GoSquared better for you. We’d love your feedback so we can keep going in the right direction. Something doesn’t work how you’d expect? Something doesn’t look great on a smaller screen? Tell us!

Use GoSquared Home now

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Lead developer at GoSquared for integrations, partnerships and the API. Works on pretty much everything.

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