Inbox 1.3

Edit properties for visitors and customers from GoSquared Inbox

The new GoSquared Inbox with editing properties

We’re excited to introduce a huge update to GoSquared Inbox which makes it easier to manage your visitors and customers directly from GoSquared.

A central hub to communicate with your visitors and customers

As part of Live Chat, we’ve been working on Inbox – a centralised app for talking to your visitors and customers via live chat and email. Inbox is a modern-day help desk with a beautiful, fluid messaging experience and powerful real-time insights about every customer you’re speaking with.

Inbox works on your desktop as a web app and is available for iOS and Android for talking to your customers on the go.

Edit properties

One of the most requested features for Inbox is the ability to edit and update information about visitors and customers as you’re chatting with them.

Often a visitor will tell you their name or mention the company they work at, and until now you haven’t been able to note that down for easy retrieval later.

Whether it’s the customer’s name, job title, company, or any of the properties you track for any of your users – you can edit and update these on the fly, without needing to touch an API. Just head to the Inbox sidebar and click the edit button to change a value.

Star key info

Star properties in GoSquared Inbox

Teams are now tracking more and more information about their users and customers, so they can understand them better. The problem is you often have more information than you really need. You can now “star” the properties and events you care most about seeing, so they’re always in reach, while the less important information is just a search away.

Improved look and feel

Screenshot of GoSquared Inbox

We’ve made countless changes and tweaks to the Inbox interface to make it easier to read, easier to scan, and generally more beautiful. These visual changes are the first of many we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks and months.

Starring and editing properties will be coming to Inbox for iOS and Android soon.

We hope you enjoy using the latest features in Inbox, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates for improving customer communication very soon.

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