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Introducing GoSquared LiveStats 3.2


Introducing GoSquared LiveStats 3.2. Entirely rewritten from the ground up.

Today we’re pleased to announce GoSquared LiveStats 3.2. Despite only a single point update, this is a massive update, and we are very excited to finally share some information about what we’ve been working on recently.

Completely rewritten for speed, power, and flexibility.

90% of the work in 3.2 has been under the hood. It’s like we gave GoSquared a new engine, new suspension, new gearbox, and topped it off with a new set of wheels and a paint job.

The new GoSquared LiveStats makes use of some cutting edge technologies such as Node.JS which enables us to handle dramatically larger sites with more visitors without trading performance.

We’re continuing to evolve our platform built on top of the hugely popular and growing Amazon Web Services. We’ve done a lot of work that we hope you’ll never have to see or worry about so that we can scale up (and down) with the demands our customers put on us.

Our CTO, Geoff Wagstaff will be posting on the blog in the coming days discussing what’s improved in more detail. Stay tuned!

Aggregated visitor metrics.

One of the pain points for larger sites in previous versions of GoSquared LiveStats was that to understand the visitors on your site at any one time, you had to scroll through the long list of visitors and look at each individuals to get a feel for what browsers they were using, what operating systems they were on, and what locations they were from.

One of the reasons for overhauling the backend of GoSquared was that it enabled us to do some much smarter things with the data we’re already collecting. In 3.2, we analyse all of the browsers, all of the operating systems, all of the countries, all of the languages your visitors are using, and show you an easy to understand overview. All in real-time.

Custom parameters for visitors.

The visitor list isn’t dead. We’ve taken it to the next level.

We already help you understand your visitors better than anyone else – GoSquared makes it possible to see where individual visitors have been referred from, and dive into their current browsing session to see which pages they’re looking at and how long they’re spending on each page. We even give you all the information you need about the device they’re using so you can make informed decisions about their current situation.

Custom Parameters enables you to take any of the additional data you have about your user base, whether that be the customers on your ecommerce store, the fans of your blog, or the contributors of your wiki, and bring it right into GoSquared where you need it most. Understand the value of individual users, the loyalty of your top fans, and dedication of your top contributors when they’re on your site – right now.

It’s never been easier to understand and engage with your site’s audience.

Improved traffic alerts.

Our customers love the real-time traffic alerts we launched earlier this year.

Being notified immediately about traffic spikes and lulls is proving a life saving feature for all the sys admins out there. Not to mention the customer support teams who can spot issues quicker than ever. You can now to choose to be alerted via email to any email address you choose. Today, we’re also adding the ability to be notified via Twitter Direct Messages – so even if you’re on the go, you’ll be on top of your site whenever you have a Twitter client with you.

Please note: GoSquared Traffic Alerts will need to be re-enabled in 3.2 so head over to GoSquared LiveStats now and tweak your settings! Don’t forget to follow @GoSquaredAlerts to enable Traffic Alerts via DM.

Referring URLs grouped by site.

We’ve tidied up some of the rough edges of the interface that were bugging us. For larger sites, it was becoming really frustrating to see a long list of referring URLs – especially if you were running an ad campaign on Google or Facebook (or both!) In 3.2, we now group all referring URLs by site domain, so you can see at-a-glance the break down of visitors from each site, ad network, or social network you’re popular on right now.

Also, you can now quickly jump to any referring page by clicking the blue arrow on any row in the referring sites list.

All new Live API.

Reforming the architecture of GoSquared meant we could rethink our API. The new Live API brings the power of GoSquared to everyone. LiveStats 3.2 is built on top of our new API so it’s mission critical not only to our community, but to ourselves. The new API enables you to pull all the information you can see in LiveStats 3.2 so the only limit is your imagination. Not only is it possible to build incredible native applications, or bring the same LiveStats tools to your own dashboards, but it’s also possible to start adjusting your site’s content in real-time.

Ever wanted to build a list of the content that’s popular on your site right this second? Do it with GoSquared. Want to promote today’s most popular products on your ecommerce store? Do it with GoSquared. The opportunities to adjust and improve your site’s content automatically are just getting started – and GoSquared is here to make it as easy and as fast as possible.

Learn more about the GoSquared API now.

Please note: Some API docs are not quite finished, we’re working on them!

Fully featured. Learn more about all the features of GoSquared now.

Respond now. Not tomorrow.

We’ve been working on this release for months, and we’re really excited to hear what you think of it. We’ve been rolling 3.2 out to all of our customers in the last week, so go sign in right now and tell us what you think!

One more note: 3.2 has involved huge changes under the hood. Because of this, there are still a number of bugs that we’re squashing. The good news is we’re squashing them as fast as we can and have already fixed a lot of issues. Head over to our support site to see our list of known issues. If you are experiencing problems that are not yet documented, please let us know via email or GetSatisfaction.


James Gill, Geoff Wagstaff, James Taylor, and Saul Cullen
A.K.A. The GoSquared Team

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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