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Introducing GoSquared Services – We Design For You


GoSquared Services - We Design For You

Today we’re introducing GoSquared Services, a sparkling new area of the site to market our design services.

Since we started GoSquared, we have always been taking on design work for various companies – we have designed logos, websites, and icon sets for some great, fun people. Before, the only way people knew about us was through word of mouth, and the only way people could see our previous work was to email us and ask us about it.

These past few months, though, we’ve seen an exciting increase in the number of people interested in our design services. This is fantastic, but it started to become tedious and time consuming to send every potential client an email with a sufficient selection of work attached. Especially when you find they only had $15 to spend.

With the new GoSquared Services, we can show prospective clients a selection of work that demonstrates our skills, and provide information about the disciplines we have to offer. We are also very open about the rates that we charge, so people can see from the start exactly what to budget for. Our rates are negotiable, so email us if you have any questions.

Our portfolio of work will expand over the next few months as a few of our current projects reach completion. Many of our clients like to keep work confidential until they have launched their project, so we are more than happy to work to their rules when it comes to secrecy.

Overall, we are pleased to finally bring you an area of the GoSquared site that will inform you of a service we have actually (secretly!) offered for a while.

We hope you enjoy Services, even if you don’t want to get anything designed just yet. Have a look around and tell us what you think.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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