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Introducing LiveStats 3D. Feel your traffic unfold


GoSquared LiveStats 3D - feel your traffic unfold

Note: In case it wasn’t clear – this was an April Fools joke, and is not a project we intend to actively develop going forward. We shall keep the page online for the memories, though, just like we did with FutureStats.

Building on top of the powerful foundations of LiveStats by GoSquared, we’re very excited to announce LiveStats 3D – an entirely new way to visualise your site’s traffic in real-time.

Extensive research and testing, combined with overwhelming customer feedback showed us that just “watching” your traffic unfold wasn’t enough. People wanted to feel their traffic. They wanted to experience that same punch-in-the-stomach feeling their servers experience in a traffic spike.

Attention Grabbing

Our Head of data visualisation and engineering at GoSquared, Mr. Tren Dee, explained that in the current climate of data overload, visualisations need to work harder to gain the attention of users.

With LiveStats 3D, we’ve made it impossible to ignore your traffic stats. LiveStats 3D utilises an initial draft spec of HTML6 (due for release later this century) to fully utilise your computer’s screen real-estate, processor cores, and memory to provide a truly immersive experience. *

Based on our experience from developing Futurestat’s traffic spike prediction engine, LiveStats 3D transcends the limitations of traditional two-dimensional space to provide a unbeatably unique statistical journey of marvel, wonder and awe. In end-user tests, we’ve actually seen people break down and cry due to such an incredible experience. The world is not 2D, so why should your stats

Improved Twitter Integration with the Dick Bar

Also coming in LiveStats 3D, we have completely overhauled Twitter integration. Overwhelming feedback from everyone** who loved the Twitter Dick Bar suggested LiveStats was incomplete without such functionality. Now that Twitter has decided to remove the Dick, ahem Quick Bar from the native iPhone client, we felt it was our duty to keep the functionality alive and kicking for the user base that
desires it.

Learn more about LiveStats 3D now! And watch the 3D video on YouTube.

* Fully immersive experience requires 3D red/green glasses.
** Ev sends his regards.

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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