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Customer feedback is vital to what we do everyday in the GoSquared office. Engaging with our customers about the future of their service is an activity we take pride in. Particularly we receive a lot of feedback about older products and the transition towards Dashboard and it’s this feedback that brings us to the full screen content widget.

As the title suggests the full screen content widget is a maximised version of the content widget in Dashboard, the very same widget that offers you a view of your top pages right now and how many visitors are on them.

Expanding this widget into full screen mode gives a lot more detail. Right in the middle you’ll see your top pages at this very moment in time. It’s possible to fold away the left column and see just the top pages which also lists the number of visitors on each page and indicates which pages are rising and falling. This view is perfect for those big screens in the office where keeping a track of the newest landing page or changes to the plans page can only ever be done in real-time.

The maximised content widget also gives detail and insight into your pages. On the left you can see all referring sources, starting at the top with direct referrers heading down through sites, searches and social. We’ve brought all the great features of the social widget into maximised content as well so you can see Facebook referrers, individual tweets and how many retweets they have. Clicking on an individual page will only show the referrers pointing at that page.

Click on a page and the right hand sidebar will slide out, right up top is detail about that individual page including how many Facebook likes or Tweets the page has received. Directly below is the visitors view, emulating the behaviour of the visitors widget it is possible to see visitors on the currently selected page and delve into their detail to see what path they took to get there. And of course you can see where they’re visiting from and details about their browser, OS and screen size to name a few.

Head over to your Dashboard right now and have a look at the full screen content widget by clicking on the expand button in the top right.

What do you think?

Every day we hear great ideas from our customers and it’s these ideas that turn into awesome features just like full screen content. So if you’re looking for more where full screen content widget came from be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you’d improve or add. You can contact us via Twitter or email.

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