Panic Over! PHP, CSS & HTML Help Sheets

Today, we’re introducing our all new Help Sheets. You loved our original CSS and HTML Help Sheets, so we went back to the originals, tidied them up, and gave them a sprinkling of coolness.

We’re also pleased to bring you an entirely new Help Sheet – the PHP Help Sheet. This should be a saviour for you hardcore coders when you forget the odd array function or two.

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You can download the full set as a ZIP (5.4MB) right here:

Download a ZIP file containing all 3 Help Sheets

The all new PHP Help Sheet. Everyone needs a handy reference now and then, so go ahead and print this off. Stick it on your wall and never get lost again!

PHP Help Sheet PDF Get the PDF (1.9MB)

The HTML Help Sheet has been updated and tidied up, so now you have no excuses for not decorating your office notice board with snippets of usefulness.

HTML Help Sheet PDF Get the PDF (1.9MB)

The CSS Help Sheet – our first ever, but updated to match the set. We made the original based on the wonderful work of Leslie Frank. Never forget those styling options with this at your side.

Update: We’ve redesigned the CSS Help Sheet. Get the new CSS2 and CSS3 Help Sheets now!

CSS Help Sheet PDF Get the PDF (1.9MB)

We hope you like the new Help Sheets, and would love to know what you want us to Help Sheet-ise next: JavaScript? Actionscript? JQuery? Tell us in the comments!

Oh and another thing, the other day one of our readers sent in a photo of our CSS Help Sheet on his office notice board. If you’re using our Help Sheets at your office / home / garage / Starbucks we’d love to see! Email us a photo or upload to Flickr with the tag “GoSquared”.


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  • Very helpfull ! Nice presentation. Thanx for sharing.

  • memsom

    ActionScript and JavaScript would be nice!

  • Jenn

    Nice… I did love the originals, and have to say, I’m glad you decided to bring them back and re-do them; not that they needed it.. but that’s just a personal observation. Keep up the great work!

    And I have to agree… JS and AS would be awesome 😉

  • hex

    very nice. thanks guys. yeah..i guess javascript is next and maybe some basic usability guidelines.

  • It’s very cool sheets. I hope that you make more about FLEX, JQuery and Actionscript…

  • Excellent! I’m going to link this post from my blog!
    Have a nice day!

  • MJ

    Excellent help sheets! I’ll be linking to this page from my site as well.
    Great job!

  • Arno E

    JQuery, please.

  • charllies

    Muchas gracias por los documentos, nice Job.

  • Thanks everyone for the great comments!

    We’re working ona few really cool things, and will try and get another Help Sheet out as soon as poss!



  • Andre

    Uou. Amazing!

    ActionScript (3.0) would be great.

    AS 3.0, Javascript and FLEX would be AWESOME.

  • Muy interesante!

    :: :::

  • Chris

    These rock. Great reference. Well thought out and designed. Would love to see an Actionscript version.

  • Cool, thanks everyone for the comments! Looks like ActionScript is in most demand so far.

    I’ll keep you posted!

  • Pues la verdad es de mucha utilidad esto!

  • AMS

    nice work
    thanks at all

  • SIMPLE dosen’t mean easy.

    Thanks Gosquared Team

    Barcelona | Spain

  • Something any developper or webmaster should have hung on his walls. Excellent. I agree some more would be good for mysql, javascript, actionscript, AJAX, XML…

  • How about the template so we can create our own 😉

  • Apart from not being able to spell my own surname I noticed that you have but not . One is obviously XHTML and the other HTML.

    It would be useful for newcomers to know which version you are using 🙂

  • We are working on a JavaScript Help Sheet right now.

    Giving away a template to create your own would be cool, but if people started creating their own Help Sheets using it and made any major mistakes, people might recognise the design and slate us for it.

    We’ll try and get you guys and girls a brand new Help Sheet ready as a Christmas present 😉

  • Bravo!
    Excellent work!
    Have a nice day!

  • Great work ! I think that the next MOST NEEDED is JavaScript it is used a lot so it would be helpful to have a look on the Help Sheet when you don’remember something or just to check if you were right . 10x a lot! Bye!

  • muchas gracias por compartir esta gran ayuda.

    Compartir no tiene Limites!


  • Sam

    How long will the Javascript reference take? That is most needed.

  • Hi Sam, apologies for the delay, we’ve been working on the main GoSquared site and Services over the last few months.

    We’ll try to release the new Help Sheet as soon as possible.

    Sorry it’s taking so long,


  • Sam

    Ok, I’ll be looking forward to it, I really like this website :).

  • A web programming help sheets for web design newbies. .. This looks cool. Well done to the makers. You’re such a gift to aspiring designers. It’ll sure be a great help for me. Can’t wait to share this too. Great job!

  • Javascript would be a nice one to have! Please Javascript!!!!

  • Not so happy

    This work would be nice if you wouldn’t be stealing it from others without even quoting the original author!
    Leslie Franke did this CSS Cheat Sheet way before you, and strangely enough, more than 2 years before you, his css sheet looks strangely similar.

    Have a look:

    How do you explain the similarities, if not plain copy/pasting?!!!

    This is not the proper way to do things, man! You should at least credit the original author! Shame on you.

  • @Not So Happy,

    The CSS Help Sheet was originally created in February 2007 – a long time ago. A lot has happened since then. We admit that the original was strongly influenced by the work of Leslie Franke, but at the time we felt that we had put sufficient effort and design work into our CSS Help Sheet to call it our own. We were wrong.

    Looking at the two compared side by side, and with experience over several years in the industry, we can see that we were wrong. A linked reference to Leslie Frank’s original work has been added to the main article.

    We are working on a new set of Help Sheets as they have been so popular with the community. We will be changing the CSS Help Sheet to ensure the new one is distinctly our own.


  • Mel

    Thanks, I’ve dyslexia and your sheets have been the most helpful. Great work..

  • K Chavan

    Thank you very much! It is very helpful 🙂

  • Zubair Amin

    I would appreciate a jQuery one! Thanks for the ones you have so far though!

  • Oscar

    ¡Genial, fantástico, para eso es el internet!, para compartir informacion. Gracias.

  • Thanks for such awesome sheets 🙂

  • Max

    Thanks! I will use them in a training session 🙂

  • Fery Ardiant

    Thanks!! it’s very helpfull 😀
    nice work

  • AntonioDegante

    Muchísimas gracias, aprecio mucho y valoro su trabajo. Es una iniciativa excelente.