RapidWeaver 5 – now seamlessly integrates with GoSquared

GoSquared now works seemlessly with Realmac RapidWeaver for creating and monitoring beautiful websites on your Mac

Our friends at Realmac have just launched the latest version of their award winning app for creating beautiful websites in minutes. And we’re very proud to be a part of RapidWeaver 5 – with completely seamless integration of GoSquared’s real-time analytics tools.

If you’ve purchased a copy of Realmac RapidWeaver 5, you’re entitled to sign up to GoSquared for free on the RapidWeaver plan and monitor any websites you may have with up to 10,000 pageviews per month, and a completely ad free interface.

For more information on RapidWeaver 5, head on over to the Realmac site. For more information and support documentation on integrating GoSquared with your RapidWeaver site(s) head on over to our support site.

GoSquared and RapidWeaver - together at last

We’d love your feedback, so feel free to get in touch at any time! Enjoy.

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  • JC

    I can’t access GS from RW since I tried to add the counter to my site.

    It went freezing.

    I didn’t save.

    I force quit.

    It doesn’t work anymore now.



  • Hi JC, I’m very sorry you were having issues accessing GoSquared from RapidWeaver – we were performing some maintenance on parts of the site, specifically secure pages (at URLs starting with “https://”) which was causing such pages not to load. RapidWeaver’s built-in browser was understandably unable to handle this situation so locked up.

    We have been working on this issue and GoSquared and RapidWeaver should work as expected again.

    Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the trouble this has caused you.


  • JC

    Hey James…

    Now it works.

    As soon as I reach 10,000 pageloads, I’ll sure upgrade.


    Take care.


  • Dear sirs, I am trying to start to work with your program.
    But, where to paste the code i copied in the setup sequence?
    This was not explained..
    Waiting your reply
    Best regards