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Introducing full support for Segment

Send data to GoSquared from all your apps and projects with the flick of a switch

Integrate Segment with your apps to send all your data into GoSquared

Ever since Segment first launched, you’ve been able to use the service as a way to send data to GoSquared.

Until now, you’ve only been able to track client-side data with the Segment JavaScript snippet.

We’re thrilled to announce you can now use Segment’s server-side SDKs, and the Segment iOS and Android SDKs to send data to GoSquared from all your apps and services. GoSquared can now accept any data you throw at it via your Segment integration.

Track all your customer data in People CRM

Track your mobile apps with GoSquared

With People CRM, we’re helping businesses bring all their customer data together in one place, helping teams understand their users and customers better than ever before.

GoSquared joins all the dots so you have one definitive profile for each of your users and customers. No matter whether they’re on your mobile app, your website, or simply receiving an automated email, GoSquared will bring all your customer activity together.

Until now, GoSquared has lacked support for mobile devices. With the introduction of full Segment support, you can now use Segment’s native SDKs to send data from your iOS and Android apps, and from server-side code written in almost any language, into GoSquared.

What is Segment?

Segment is a customer data hub. You send Segment your data from any device or platform, and they translate and forward it to your tools (like GoSquared) in a language they understand. Learn more about Segment.

Sending data to GoSquared with Segment

GoSquared now has full support for Segment, so you can send all your data from any platform to GoSquared easily.

Here’s a list of the features GoSquared now supports with Segment:

  • Tracking of mobile apps.
  • Tracking of server-side data.
  • Tracking of websites.
  • Full “identify” support for use in People CRM.
  • Ecommerce tracking for use with Ecommerce Analytics.

GoSquared + Segment Free Tier

GoSquared + Segment = $0

Along with full support for Segment, we’re thrilled to announce that GoSquared is now available on the Segment “Developer” plan meaning you can use GoSquared and Segment together for free. No credit card required, just two great tools perfect for fast growing startups available for free, with no strings attached.

Integrate GoSquared today

It’s never been easier to integrate your apps and sites with GoSquared. If you’re already using Segment – hooray! Just flick the switch next to GoSquared to “On” and you’ll be up and running, like magic.

If you want to start using Segment, view their docs on how to integrate with GoSquared.

Don’t want to use Segment? No problem! GoSquared has native libraries for JavaScript, PHP and Node, and you can view our full tracking API documentation any time.

Get started

We hope you’ll enjoy using GoSquared and Segment together. It’s never been easier to understand your customers. If you haven’t already, get started with a free GoSquared account now.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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