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Get a summary of your web traffic in Slack every morning

Send your GoSquared Daily Report emails to Slack

If you’re using Slack for communicating as a team, you’ll be thrilled to know they’ve just released an email integration enabling you to send emails into Slack for your whole team to see.

We’re excited about this because you can now send your Daily (and weekly and monthly) Reports for your website traffic straight into a Slack channel of your choosing in just a couple of clicks.

How to send your Daily Reports to Slack

  1. Head to Slack.
  2. Choose the Email option shown on your Integrations page.
  3. Select a channel the email will post to, give it a label, name and an icon, and hit Save Integration.
  4. Copy the generated unique Slack email address (Slack tip: post it to the channel itself as a Pinned Message if you’d like others to use it too), and add that email as a new user in your GoSquared site’s team list.
  5. This will invite that email address as a new user to GoSquared – so you’ll need to click through and create an account for them (you’ll want to log in to this user account whenever you want to change the email preferences for this email address)
  6. You can repeat the process on as many channels as you’d like to send messages into, letting each instance generate a new special email address.

What does it look like?

Once you’ve got this all set up, you’ll see a short preview when an email hits your designated channel as a new message.

GoSquared Daily Reports in Slack

Clicking on the message will expand it, and you’ll see your Daily Report email as a standalone document within a Slack message.

GoSquared Daily Reports in Slack

What about the GoSquared Slack integration?

The official GoSquared Slack integration gives you instant alerts on traffic spikes, traffic dips, and most recently, real-time alerts whenever users enter any of your Smart Groups in People Analytics.

There’s tons of power in the GoSquared Slack integration, so we recommend you start using it today – there’s nothing stopping you!

Not using Slack?

Gasp! If you’re thinking about switching, we wrote a post on how we switched from Campfire to Slack in one morning.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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