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The new GoSquared Analytics

Web Analytics without the waiting, training manual, and privacy trade-offs

The new Web Analytics - web analytics without the hassle

It’s been an incredibly busy start to 2019 at GoSquared.

Last year we asked our customers for feedback by carrying out the largest survey we’ve ever conducted.

We heard from hundreds of you asking for improvements and updates across the board. More than anything, we heard our customers loud and clear when it came to the GoSquared Analytics product.

We’ve been hard at work making GoSquared Analytics better. In fact, shortly after receiving the feedback, we set out with a clear goal – to build the best web analytics product in the world – bar none.

It’s been many years since we entered the web analytics space, and a lot has changed since then. So we asked the question: in 2019, what would make the best web analytics product in the world?

Here are some of our key guiding principles – for the latest updates, and many more still to come:

  • Everyone in a team who can benefit from data should be able to access to it.
  • You should never need to wait for your data.
  • You shouldn’t need to make a privacy trade-off.
  • It should be easy to understand, and act on the data.

Product updates

We’ve already made more product updates in the first one and a half months of 2019 than we did for the last ten months of 2018.

Every update we’ve made has been a direct result of our customers giving us their feedback – so we’re thrilled to share so many changes and improvements with the people who have helped shape the product.

A selection of updates made to the new GoSquared Web Analytics

Web analytics without the hassle

As part of the latest updates to GoSquared Analytics, we’re excited to share a new campaign with you – focusing on the heart of what GoSquared Analytics has always been about. We’ve never been about building every feature, or ticking every box – we’ve always been about building the best product possible, and focusing an intense level of energy on the stuff that really matters.

We couldn’t sum up the future of the GoSquared Analytics product in any other way than to say it’s about what isn’t included. GoSquared Analytics is Web Analytics without the training manual, the waiting, and the privacy trade-offs.

Web analytics without the waiting

Web analytics without the waiting

Web analytics without the privacy trade-offs

Web analytics without the privacy trade-offs

Act now. Not tomorrow.

We really hope you love the latest updates to GoSquared Analytics.

We’ve created a new set of pages on the site to share more information about the product.

If you’re not yet using GoSquared, you can try the new GoSquared Analytics for free for 14 days right now. No credit card required!

P.S. If you look closely on the new Analytics pages you may find a secret coupon code for new customers wanting a discount on their first month.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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