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Real-time stats.

From a new angle.

The web is now 3D. Simply watching your traffic on screen in real-time is as good as not using analytics at all.

GoSquared monitors your website's traffic and analyses it for you in real-time, and then displays the results in 3D.

So you can feel your traffic, rather than just watch it.

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Act now. Not tomorrow.

Building on top of the powerful foundations of LiveStats by GoSquared, we're very excited to announce LiveStats 3D - an entirely new way to visualise your site's traffic in real-time.

Extensive research and testing, combined with overwhelming customer feedback showed us that just "watching" your traffic unfold wasn't enough. People wanted to feel their traffic. They wanted to experience that "punched in the stomach" feeling their servers enjoy during traffic spike.

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LiveStats 3D - even the logo is 3 dimensional

Three dimensional. From every angle.

Not only have we rewritten LiveStats from the ground up to take advantage of 3D, we have even taken the LiveStats icon apart and rebuilt it in a three dimensional space.

  1. Beautiful, scratch resistant glass with high gloss shine.
  2. More accurate, smoother radar sweep.
  3. Nanometer precision printing of target lines and axes on radar screen glass.
  4. Purple land.
  5. Patent-pending MonoBody aluminium enclosure. The strongest, most beautiful radar icon we've ever designed.

Teapot technology.

Building on our Zebra technology introduced in FutureStats, LiveStats 3D's real-time graphics performance is all down to our incredible Teapot technology. With over 81 patents, and still waiting FCC approval, Teapot is revolutionising the way we think about graphics on the web today.

Available in cinemas soon

For the full wow factor, we've teamed up with some of the leading cinemas in the UK with 3D projection technology. How do you get LiveStats in the cinema? Using AirStats - just bring your laptop, iPad or iPhone along to your nearest cinema and please the audience by beaming LiveStats 3D for your site up on a 20 foot screen. You'll be the star of the show.

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One more thing...

Integrated Quick Dick Bar.

Twitter killed the Dick Bar, GoSquared brings it back to life. Our customers loved Twitter integration in the previous version of LiveStats, but we received overwhelming demand for integration with the Quick Bar - the popular feature added to (and just removed from) Twitter's latest iPhone app. Now all of the topics you care least about are available right alongside your real-time traffic data in the same familiar interface you've grown to love.

LiveStats 3D transcends the limitations of traditional 2D space to provide an unbelievable statistical journey of marvel, wonder and awe. Members of our team have broken down and cried due to this incredible experience.

- Mrs Anna Lyticci. An early tester of LiveStats 3D.

Feel your traffic unfold. Put some perspective on your stats in 3D now.