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31 Mind-Blowing Marketing Statistics You Need To Know In 2023


Keeping on top of the most eye-opening marketing statistics helps you to make more informed decisions with your campaigns.

Seeing how the industry is performing as a whole is always interesting too, especially when exploring other disciplines beyond the ones you’re most comfortable with.

As an email marketing platform ourselves, we’ve helped thousands of businesses create intuitive campaigns to spread the word about their products and services. Without reviewing the data that exists in the wider world, it would be impossible to create a tools which work as well as Engage, Analytics or EcoSend.

So here’s a look at the top marketing statistics you need to know in 2023 to give a flavour of the upcoming trends for the year ahead. 

Email Marketing Statistics

  • Email marketing generates $40 for every $1 spent – NealSchaffer 
  • Segmented campaigns boast open rates 14.31 per cent higher than non-segmented campaigns – Mailchimp
  • Despite the above statistic, 89% of marketers do not use segmentation – SuperOffice
  • It is predicted there will be 4.6 billion email users by 2025 – Statista 
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting combined are the sector with the best average email open rates (27.3%) – Campaign Monitor 
  • 51% of users say they unsubscribe from an email marketing list because they are emailed ‘too often’ – HubSpot
  • 9 out of 10 marketers use email to distribute content organically – Oberlo 
  • Apple holds 51% of the client email marketing share – Dyspatch 
  • Welcome emails have a typical open rate of 86% – Tidio 

Marketing Statistics

  • Google holds 84% of the global desktop search engine market share – Omnicore Agency
  • Mobile web traffic has accounted for about half of all global web traffic since the beginning of 2017 – Statista
  • 78% of marketing professionals say video marketing has helped boost sales – The Social Shepherd 
  • 25% of companies invest in mobile-first SEO as a top marketing tactic – HubSpot
  • Companies spent 9.5% of their total budget on marketing in 2022 – Gartner
  • Marketing budgets are expected to grow by 20% over the next year – Marketing Week
  • 72% of marketing cite content creation as their most effective SEO tactic – Wpforms 
  • 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine – Webfx

Social Media Marketing Statistics

  • Facebook remains the market leader of any social media platform, with 2.94 billion users – Oberlo 
  • 75% of B2B buyers say they use social media to influence purchase decisions – Marketing Evolution
  • Spending on social media advertising is set to reach $357 billion by 2026 – Statista 
  • Approximately 58% of the world’s population uses social media – Oberlo 
  • 64% of users who make a purchase do so after viewing a video on social media – Truelist 
  • 33% of users would rather contact a brand on social media instead of calling them up – OptinMonster 
  • Tweets posted with an image receive 18% more clicks than those without – Wordstream 

Web Design Statistics

  • UX has a $100 ROI for every $1 invested – UXCam 
  • Only 1% of users feel their needs at being met on ecommerce websites – Forbes
  • 97.4% of the world’s top websites do not offer full accessibility – Ddiy
  • 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on its website design – Your Digital Resource
  • 40% of internet users prefer interacting with chatbots – Finn Mccool 
  • More than 70% of small businesses do not use call to action (CTA) buttons – Uxeria 
  • Website visitors remain on a page for 88% longer if that page has a video – Ledgeview Partners 

Succeed At Your Marketing In 2023 And Beyond With GoSquared

Whichever marketing statistics have caught your eye from the likes of email marketing, social media marketing or even web design, make sure your campaigns hit your goals out of the park in 2023 and beyond with GoSquared. 

Our email marketing automation software GoSquared Engage offers a one-stop-shop for all things email, messaging and customer engagement. As well as designing and sending out beautiful campaigns, you can also interpret user behaviour so you can best understand the impact of your campaigns. 

In 2023, expect to see plenty more talk about EcoSend by GoSquared, which is our new climate-conscious email marketing too. 

Need any help with marketing your business, and want to find out more about how GoSquared can make it happen? Reach out to us at any time to talk with our team or arrange a free personalised demo of any of our products.

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