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Getting Started with Ecommerce Analytics

It’s easier than ever

GoSquared Ecommerce Analytics – as easy as 1-2-G

Earlier this week, we launched GoSquared Ecommerce Analytics. Ecommerce Analytics brings your essential sales and business metrics to an elegantly simple live dashboard, and we’re stoked to already see a great uptake amongst our customers.

A common query so far has been how to get Transaction tracking implemented on your store, so I wanted to put together a quick post to explain what’s available to help you get set up with Ecommerce Analytics.

Read the Guides

We’ve put together a set of guides on our Ecommerce Analytics support site all about how to set up Ecommerce tracking.

It boils down to two options:

  1. If you are using a common platform or hosting for your store, like Shopify, Magento, or WordPress, you should check out our list of integrations. If an integration exists for your platform, it usually means you can get set up with GoSquared Ecommerce Analytics in a few clicks and with no custom coding.
  2. If we do not have an integration for your platform, or you are running your own store system, check out our custom integration guide. It explains how you can use our libraries and APIs to track transactions in your system.

Once you’re set up, transactions happening on your store when your customers purchase goods will automatically get tracked by GoSquared, and visualised in the Ecommerce Analytics Dashboard.

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