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Introducing Integrations

All your customer data in one place, in a few clicks

GoSquared People Analytics Integrations

With People Analytics, we’re changing the way teams understand their users.

We set out to bring all your user data together in one place, and put it in the hands of the people who need it – the sales reps, the support agents, the product managers, right up to the CEO.

3rd party integrations. No code required.

We’re thrilled to announce Integrations, the next major step on our journey to bringing your user data together.

Seamlessly connect the services you already use for interacting with your customers. With Integrations, customer data from your email communications, your support interactions, your payment systems and more can be brought into GoSquared without writing a single line of code.

Understand how emails influence your users

To start, we’re launching Integrations with some of the most popular email services in the world. Mandrill, Mailchimp, SendGrid and Mailgun are all available to integrate starting today.

Once connected, each and every email you send to your users will show up as an event in GoSquared. This helps you put these interactions into perspective – you can see when emails were sent in the user’s history, alongside all their website visits, app interactions and other events.

As with any event in People Analytics, you can filter your users by these events to help build an unparalleled understanding of how your emails influence your customers.

For example, People Analytics enables you to query your entire userbase to answer questions like “Out of all our active London-based customers, who opened the marketing email we sent yesterday?”

GoSquared People Analytics Profile View

Integrate today

It only takes a few clicks to set up Integrations. No code needed, no developer time required.

Just head to “Site Settings” in your GoSquared account and go to the “Services” tab to see the available Integrations you can play with today.

With the GoSquared Free Tier, there’s never been a better time to start using GoSquared!

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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