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Introducing the New Reports

Wake up to a simple summary of your website performance every day

GoSquared Daily Reports - a summary of your website in your inbox every day

Daily Reports is one of GoSquared’s most popular features and over 33% of our users have them switched on. For many of our users Reports are an essential summary, straight to your inbox, for staying on top of your analytics and helping to make the best business decisions.

Today we have released the new version of Reports with responsive design, comparison data for all metrics, weekly and monthly options, and an actionable list of social referrers.

The best analytics report emails just got better.


When setting about designing the new daily reports we looked at the data, over 15% of our users view daily reports on their mobile, a whopping 12% of our users view them on iOS6. Mobile usage has been growing and it became apparent that we needed responsive emails that worked equally well and both mobile, tablet and desktop.

Insightful Data

With comparison data for all metrics, including our new metric actively engaged time, Reports now provide the data you need to know what part of the site is doing well and what needs addressing. We have also added a comparison to the timeline, providing a complete picture of how your site is performing at a glance.

Now with Weekly and Monthly Report Options

That’s right! we’ve also introduced weekly and monthly options for Reports. Simply head to your account to change your preferences.

More Social Than Ever

The new Reports use the same powerful backend as Trends and now show your top social referrers. With Twitter we also show you which user and tweet send the most traffic to your site so that you can interact with them.

Now Using Visits

Reports, like Trends, now uses Visits as the default metric for judging performance. Visits is a better metric than pageviews as it isn’t as susceptible anomalies, such as a users refreshing the same page multiple times.

We would love to hear your feedback and comments, you can either tweet us at @GoSquared or email us.

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Lead developer at GoSquared for integrations, partnerships and the API. Works on pretty much everything.

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