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Lets talk about conversion

Announcing the first GoSquared webinar with Lead Pages

Driving traffic is easy.
Driving customers is hard.

With the launch of the new GoSquared last week, we enjoyed some incredible traffic and attention from our community. We also reached lots of people who hadn’t heard of us before.

We released the update last Wednesday and we followed that up with a video, blog posts on the design problems we tackled, engineering enhancements and there’s been hundreds of conversations taking place.

Instagram of a GoSquared traffic spike

Amidst a launch, it’s easy to get stuck on just watching traffic spikes and not thinking about anything beyond that. It’s a very naive view to take. Attention is wonderful but how do you know what that really means for your business? How do you quantify increased awareness?

Watching conversion

We’ve been following signups very closely over the last week and a half. We’ve been asking questions like, how many people were so impressed by what they saw that they had to try it out? How do we know that we’re capturing that interest and helping anyone who’s curious find out more? When you launch a product, you have to focus on maintaining that momentum and maximising your potential reach.

0 to 15,000

Want to learn more about conversion? We’re hosting a webinar next Wednesday on precisely that topic. In one hour, we’re going to run through a whole host of content on optimising landing pages and ensuring that your digital marketing efforts convert to leads and customers.

We’ve partnered with Tim Paige from LeadPages and he’ll be sharing his experiences of growing his customer base. Tim’s taken LeadPages from 0 to 15,000 customers in just twelve months. The company provide easy tools for creating, managing and optimising landing pages.

Techniques and insights

Tim wants to share the one counterintuitive technique that transformed their digital marketing. In one month, his site went from a 0.5% opt-in rate to over 10%. He wants to share the techniques he took to get there.

Another area we’re growing to focus on is growing your online community and managing that tribe of followers. Tim has three steps he uses to grow a massive following —always from starting with zero. Again these are techniques that you’ll be able to start implementing straight after the training.

Finally, Tim’s going to explore how to create lead magnets for your site and business. These are simple templates that you can create within minutes to generate attention and thousands of leads.

The details

The live training kicks off at 4pm (GMT) or 11am (EST). We wouldn’t be partnering with Tim if we didn’t think this webinar and content was going to be top class. Grab your spot below.

It’s worth noting that space is limited so be sure to register below.

Want conversion insights? Claim your spot now.

Written by
Andrew leads marketing at GoSquared.

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