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3.2 in detail – all about visitors


Here at GoSquared we know how important your website visitors are to you and your business. After all, any one of those anonymous people poking around your site could become a customer, a user, a client, or whatever is important to you. You just need to make sure you engage them correctly.

We go out of our way to make this as easy for you as possible. One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your online presence is to understand as much as possible about your audience on both a macro and micro scale. In 3.2 we bring you a whole new perspective to your visitors: aggregate stats. And of course, it’s real time.

New macro perspective – aggregated metrics.

This new section can be found under the “Visitors” tab in the 3rd column of LiveStats. It presents you with a ranked breakdown of the number of visitors online on your site, segmented by their country of origin, the language they speak (with regional variant), the browser they’re using, and platform they’re on. The lists are ranked by number of visitors making up each segment, so the most popular segments will be displayed at the top.

This overview is essential for gauging, at-a-glance, the nature of the audience you’ve got right now. It’s particularly ideal for making sense of the diverse traffic of large sites.

The insight is truly valuable for making informed decisions for your immediate actions. Running an ad campaign? Monitor the demographic return and tailor the campaign to the audience catching the most bait for maximum ROI. Getting international press attention? Prioritise the translation of your content by audience size by language. Seeing lots of IE users? Better get your site to work well in IE!

Tag visitors with information important to you.

We’re always trying to make sense of exactly how our own customers are using our applications, browsing our site, and importantly, creating accounts. We also understand that each site has its own collection of metrics that mean the most to them. That’s why we’ve improved the already data-dense visitors column with custom parameters.

You can now assign custom snippets of information to your visitors through a very simple API in the tracker. You can use these parameters to keep track of information that you would like to know about that visitor, for example how many times they logged in, the values of items purchased, how many cupcakes they like to eat – anything you need!

Restructured visitors area.

We thought long and hard about how we were displaying individual visitors in the GoSquared LiveStats interface. We’ve now made it even easier for you to dig deep into you website traffic and understand how people are using your site. The visitors column in LiveStats has been restructured so that all drilldowns and list traversing happens in the same column. This feels more natural than the disorientating panel shifts we had before, allowing you to browse your visitors and their information smoothly and effortlessly.

Learn more about the new features in GoSquared LiveStats 3.2 and see pricing information now.

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