Panic Over! CSS2 and CSS3 Help Sheets are Here

CSS Help Sheets by GoSquared - Get Stylish

We’re pleased to bring you the 3rd version of the GoSquared CSS Help Sheet, and a brand new CSS3 Help Sheet.

With the VI Help Sheet we released last week, we redesigned our Help Sheets for a much better result when printed on paper, while ensuring they still don’t look too shabby on the screen of your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad.

We’ve put together a Help Sheet specifically for CSS3. We’ve covered most of the basic options now possible with CSS3, but there’s a ton more we couldn’t fit in, so we’ve linked to a couple of handy articles such as this post by 456 Berea Street on CSS Selectors, and this piece by Paul Irish on Font-Face.

So what are you waiting for? Download them. Print them. Stick ’em on the wall and get creative!

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As always, if you find any errors or typos or anything like that, please drop us a note in the comments.

CSS2 Help Sheet PDF Get the CSS2 Help Sheet PDF (230KB)

CSS3 Help Sheet PDF Get the CSS3 Help Sheet PDF (221KB)

The CSS2 Help Sheet. We made the original based on the wonderful work of Leslie Frank. Never forget those basic and vital styling options with this at your side, or on your wall.

CSS2 Help Sheet by GoSquared

The CSS3 Help Sheet. All that’s coming to CSS, and all that’s already here for Chrome, Safari, WebKit, Firefox, Opera, and, erm, IE9?

CSS3 Help Sheet by GoSquared

We hope these are helpful to you.


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  • Amazing help sheets! They will be at our future office wall.


  • Thanks Tiago! We’d love to see a photo of your office when you get them on the wall 😀 Hope they’re helpful.

  • Really useful. Only comment is that RGBA values are between 0-255 for RGB and 0-1 for A.

  • Thanks man.. nice looking sheets!

  • Agon

    Very helpfull sheets, good classified.

  • Hi Robin, thanks for your comment – we’ll fix that and upload an updated version. Cheers.

    Ilz and Agon – thanks 😀

  • Help Sheets updated with correct RGBA values, thanks Robin.

  • Fº


    This is very useful. Thank you. But I’m having trouble with fonts:


    Cannot extract the embedded font ‘JHWSSF+MyriadPro-Semibold’. Some characters may not display or print correctly.

    Can you provide another file(s).


  • bg

    thanks alot

  • louna

    Great job thnaks a lot

  • Anjum


    It seems you aren’t outlines Your PDF source file. I am having problem rendering Your PDF font. as i am not on Mac. Will u please outline Your source pdf file which break fonts. Please update link


  • thanx a lot!

  • Wow, thanks for putting those together. I love building sites using CSS and I’m constantly learning something new. These PDFs will be a great resource for me and my staff.

  • alvibiz

    Saw this on Smashing site and the example rendered OK.

    BUT, your pdf does not!

    Please consider using web-safe standard fonts, otherwise your download is useless to a lot of people. Read the comment thread (wonder why you seek comments and then take no action).


  • Hi Alvibiz, we are aware of the issue with fonts displaying incorrectly for some people and we’ll upload a new version shorltly.

    We ask for people’s feedback to improve our content, and as proven by our replies and improvements both on this post and on the article at Smashing Mag, you can see that we read all comments and act on them in a timely fashion.

    It hasn’t been more than 24 hours since complaints were made about the font issue, we intend to fix it soon.

    Thanks all.

  • Fº

    It still give me the error. Can you fix it please? ty

  • Mike

    Loving the IE6 side notes guys!

    It’s almost as if you don’t like it very much?


  • Hi F, Sorry, we’ll sort it out.

    Hi Mike, glad you like it 😉 We love IE6, it’s our favourite browser. Without it, life would be too easy.

  • CSS2 and CSS3 Help Sheets have now been updated so that all text is outlined – the sheets should be readable on all devices regardless of what fonts are installed now.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Thanks a lot for these nice sheets.

  • Thanks alot for this one, will probably help me out alot in times of sheer desperation while the solution is really simple 🙂

  • Youssef

    Thanks man, very useful!

  • I saw your CSS3 sheet sheet design on Smashing Magazine and I just wanted to drop by and say nicely done! Thank you very much.

  • thanks alot.

    From Brazil.

  • This very useful. Thanks 🙂

  • Awesome work, thanks so much for sharing!