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Panic Over! CSS2 and CSS3 Help Sheets are Here


CSS Help Sheets by GoSquared - Get Stylish

We’re pleased to bring you the 3rd version of the GoSquared CSS Help Sheet, and a brand new CSS3 Help Sheet.

With the VI Help Sheet we released last week, we redesigned our Help Sheets for a much better result when printed on paper, while ensuring they still don’t look too shabby on the screen of your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad.

We’ve put together a Help Sheet specifically for CSS3. We’ve covered most of the basic options now possible with CSS3, but there’s a ton more we couldn’t fit in, so we’ve linked to a couple of handy articles such as this post by 456 Berea Street on CSS Selectors, and this piece by Paul Irish on Font-Face.

So what are you waiting for? Download them. Print them. Stick ’em on the wall and get creative!

New to GoSquared?

For those of you new to GoSquared – we help people improve their websites. GoSquared real-time web analytics enables you to understand what’s happening on your site right now. We run this blog, on design, technology and marketing to share our thoughts and content with wonderful people like you in the hope that you’ll also try GoSquared.

As always, if you find any errors or typos or anything like that, please drop us a note in the comments.

CSS2 Help Sheet PDF Get the CSS2 Help Sheet PDF (230KB)

CSS3 Help Sheet PDF Get the CSS3 Help Sheet PDF (221KB)

The CSS2 Help Sheet. We made the original based on the wonderful work of Leslie Frank. Never forget those basic and vital styling options with this at your side, or on your wall.

CSS2 Help Sheet by GoSquared

The CSS3 Help Sheet. All that’s coming to CSS, and all that’s already here for Chrome, Safari, WebKit, Firefox, Opera, and, erm, IE9?

CSS3 Help Sheet by GoSquared

We hope these are helpful to you.


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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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