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More powerful filtering in People CRM

Combine filters in more powerful ways to find the people you need to reach

People CRM filtering UI

People CRM brings together all your users and customers together in one place, making it easier than ever to learn from and connect with them.

You can slice and dice hundreds of thousands – even millions – of users instantly, without any coding knowledge, to find a group of people you want to understand better, or reach out to via email.

We’re excited to bring you a powerful update to People CRM that introduces the ability to combine multiple filters with an “OR” conjunction, meaning you can do even more powerful things with your user data in GoSquared.

What can I do with more powerful filtering?

Gif showing how you filter with an OR conjunction in People CRM

If you’re using Smart Groups in People CRM, then we think you’re going to love these new advanced filtering capabilities.

Smart Groups enable you to build a group of filters, save them for later, and then trigger actions when users match (or stop matching) the criteria defined.

Here’s a few simple Smart Groups you can set up:

  • Paying Customers – Filter all users who are actively paying more than $0.
  • Influential Users – Filter all users who have a Klout score of more than 50.
  • Ideal Beta Testers – Filter all users who have enabled a specific feature in the last 48 hours.

When you have this power to hand, though, it can be tempting to want to get even more specific about the group of users you want to connect with.

Gif showing how you filter with an OR conjunction in People CRM

The introduction of more advanced filtering functionality in People CRM means you can do more advanced queries like:

  • Paying Customers in our top 3 cities – Filter all users who are actively paying more than $0 in London, New York, or San Francisco.
  • Active Users this week – Filter all users who were last online in the last 7 days, or who opened an email report in the last 7 days, or who requested the API in the last 7 days.
  • Users on Touch Screens – Filter all users with the device iPhone, or iPad, or Android.

Combine with MailChimp to send smarter, more relevant emails

Connect GoSquared with MailChimp

With the GoSquared MailChimp integration we released earlier this week, you can use GoSquared to find segments of your user base you want to communicate with on a regular basis, and synchronise them over to MailChimp in a couple of clicks.

GoSquared gives your team all the power they need to understand and communicate with your users more effectively than ever.

Try it today

People CRN – user analytics

The powerful new filtering functionality is now available in People CRM for everyone. Try it out today and learn something new about your user base.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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