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Reference for EVERY Character Key on a Mac


GoSquared reference PDFs for Mac OS X character keys. Free reference sheets to download from GoSquared

Ever wanted to type the copyright icon, or do an accent over an A without having to resort to some character palette? We have, and it takes time and is an effort. So we put together a series of help sheets that reference all of the characters that aren’t listed on your keyboard, along with their shortcut keys to make your life easier.

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Click on a preview image to view a full jpg.

Note: The “Alt” key on these sheets is the same as the “Option” key as some users may put it.

Download the full set

PDF Get them all in one PDF (216KB)

The Individual Sheets

There were so many, that to make the reference usable and readable we had to divide them into 3 sheets.

Glyphs set 1

PDF Get the PDF (128KB)

Glyphs set 2

PDF Get the PDF (116KB)

Last but not least, one more sheet.

Glyphs set 3

PDF Get the PDF (112KB)

We hope you find them useful.

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