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Introducing the best web analytics API you’ve ever used

The power of GoSquared is in your hands

The GoSquared API – the best web analytics API you have ever used

GoSquared has always been about providing real-time information about your website and your overall web presence. We sweat the details to make the GoSquared interface as beautiful and as useful as possible, but even the most dedicated data nerds can’t watch and take action on their data 24/7.

The GoSquared web analytics API changes that – you can automatically take action, trigger events, change appearance, and do what your heart desires based on real-time analytics data provided by the GoSquared API.

With over 40,000 sites now on board, we’re incredibly excited to see what our creative customer base can do with the new GoSquared API in their hands.

Historical and concurrent real-time data available instantly

There has been a GoSquared API out in the wild for over 2 years, but with the latest update, we’re introducing over 10 new functions and months of historical data with the Trends API.

The GoSquared web analytics API lineup is now as follows:

  • Now – Real-time concurrent data around the visitors on your site right now.
  • Trends – Historical information about your site, updated in real-time as new visitors reach your site. Also includes growth metrics for your site.
  • Account – GoSquared Account specific functions for easy administration and updating of settings.

What can I do with a real-time web analytics API?

Over the years, we’ve seen some very impressive use cases for real-time analytics data. We thought it would be handy to throw a few ideas out there to give you some inspiration, but ultimately if you can think of it, and it’s data-driven, you’ll likely be able to build it with the GoSquared API.

The GoSquared Dashboards

Yes, that’s right, we use the same API that’s out in the wild – GoSquared Now, GoSquared Trends, and even the Daily Reports you receive in your inbox are all powered by the GoSquared API under-the-hood.

Top Content widget for publishing sites

Ever wanted to uncover top “hot” articles on your blog or news site? The GoSquared API enables you to power a real-time “popular content” section effortlessly. For an example of the GoSquared API in action, check out our friends at Car Throttle:

Featured Customer – Car Throttle

Visualise your visitors on a 3D Globe

Another GoSquared hack built using the API is the 3D Globe – now with LeapMotion interactivity, there’s endless fun to be had with real-time analytics data.

Playing around with the Leap Motion Controller on the Web

Power analytics for your user base (save time by not writing your own analytics engine)

You can use a combination of the 3 GoSquared APIs to power analytics for your own users. When users sign up, automatically create a project in GoSquared, and start tracking. Offer analytics to your users by pulling the data you need back out. You can now offer the best, most accurate real-time analytics data to your users in just a few simple steps.

Trigger discount codes to potential customers on popular items

Encourage purchases of popular items on your ecommerce store by pushing coupon codes out when specific conditions are met. Encourage your existing visitors to share pages with their friends to push more people to your store and win more sales.

Coupons on Interest

The possibilities are endless

There’s thousands of other opportunities. Start hacking away now!

Start now

The new API documentation and more information is available here:


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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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