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Introducing Webhooks and Slack integration

You’ll never miss a traffic spike (or dip) again

GoSquared traffic spike notifications integrate with Webhooks Slack and Emails

Today we’re announcing some updates to our real-time traffic alerts. Now, as well as being able to receive alerts via email, you can also choose to receive alerts via custom webhooks. On top of that, you can now receive alerts about traffic spikes and dips through our new Slack integration.

Slack Integration

GoSquared traffic alert in Slack

Here at GoSquared we use Slack for team communication. It’s a fantastic group chat service that’s also great for pulling in data in real-time via their many integrations. We’re pleased to announce GoSquared’s official Slack integration, which (if you’re already a Slack user) you can activate here. Now your whole team can be kept in the loop of traffic spikes or dips with real-time notifications psoted straight into a Slack channel.

P.S. If you want to try out Slack, you’ll get $100 of credit, and also give us a nice kickback of the same amount, if you use this link.

Custom Webhooks

GoSquared Notifications now support custom webhooks, allowing you to trigger your own custom actions based on alerts such as traffic spikes or sudden traffic dips. You could trigger any custom action based on a GoSquared alert, such as scaling your infrastructure, or post alerts via your own communication channel. Take a look at our webhook integration docs to get set up!

What happened to Twitter DMs?

We’ve had the option to receiver traffic alerts via Twitter DM for a while now. Unfortunately, Twitter imposes a limit on the number of DMs an account can send per day, and we quickly passed that number. There’s no way around the limit and Twitter doesn’t make exceptions, so sadly we’ve had to remove support for alerts via DM. We’re sad to say goodbye to alerts via Twitter Direct Messages, but we’re very excited with where these new integrations will enable people to take their GoSquared data going forward.


As with any new feature we roll out, we’re always very keen to get your feedback. If you want another service integrated in GoSquared, or you have ideas for an integration you want to do through Webhooks, please let us know – we want to make it happen! We’re on all the usual channels, like email and Twitter.

Learn more about the new Notifications over on our support site.

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JT is a co-founder and the lead front-end engineer at GoSquared. He's responsible for the shiniest of the shiny projects we work on.

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