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Introducing the new Notifications

Real-time traffic spike alerts coming to an inbox near you

GoSquared traffic spike alerts and real-time notifications

Today we’re thrilled to announce another great update to the GoSquared real-time analytics platform – Notifications, aka real-time traffic alerts.

We have redesigned and rebuilt GoSquared Notifications to be an altogether faster and more reliable service for alerting you to traffic spikes and dips immediately.

How do Notifications help me?

GoSquared Notifications are one of the best ways to keep on top of sudden fluctuations in traffic to your site. By focusing on traffic levels, GoSquared can often alert you of issues quicker than server-side performance alerting, meaning you can be prepared for the best and the worst that website visitors will throw at you.

Sent out a particularly successful email campaign? Justin Bieber talking about you on Twitter? Running a TV advertisement in an unexpectedly popular show? GoSquared will notify you immediately via email or Twitter Direct Message wherever you are.

What’s new?

As well as completely rebuilding Notifications under-the-hood to be more reliable, we redesigned the Notification emails you receive to be consistent with the new Daily Reports.

As well as being consistent, the new Notifications are completely responsive. Over half of our customers receiving Notifications look at them on a mobile device, so we didn’t want Notifications on mobile to be an afterthought.

Real-time Traffic Notifications in GoSquared Now

How do I start receiving the new Notifications?

Notifications are now available to all GoSquared customers. Sign in to your account and head to your Now dashboard. Hit the “Settings cog” in the top right of the Notifications widget, and you can set up your upper and lower alerting bounds, and choose whether to be alerted via email, Twitter DM, or (for the adventurous) both.

For more help on setting up traffic spike alerts, see the Notifications support doc.

Real-time Traffic Alerts and Notifications in GoSquared Now - settings

Protip of the day

Working in a team? Now everyone can receive traffic spike alerts. You can send Notifications via email and Twitter DM to multiple people for one site. Just select the Twitter handle or the email address and add more, separated by commas.

Note: to receive Notifications via Twitter Direct Message you need to be following @GoSquaredAlerts on Twitter.

We really hope you like the latest in GoSquared. Stay alert!

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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