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5 Crisp Chat alternatives that are free or low cost

A handy list of new and long-standing SaaS tools that are free (or almost-free) and can replace Crisp.

In search of Crisp Chat alternatives? There are many tools on the market that allow you to communicate with your customers through live chat, messaging or email marketing and Crisp Chat is just one of them.

As a fellow European start up we have to admire what Crisp have achieved over the past few years. They have managed to carve out a space in a very crowded market to offer a competitive support option.

Of course, GoSquared offers some similar functionality, so we can’t provide an entirely independent or unbiased opinion on this matter. The reality is some tools will be better fits than others for certain companies, so we wanted to share some knowledge we’ve gained over the past few years of being in a similar market place.

So here are 5 alternatives to Crisp Chat that may suit your needs for where your business is now, along with where it’s heading as you scale up.

What is Crisp Chat?

What is crisp chat? live chat tools

Crisp chat is a messaging platform for businesses. The tool has a core focus of customer support, sales and marketing, with a range of features to support each of these tasks.

Created in 2015 in France, Crisp Chat currently supports over 400,000 users. So, it’s fair to say that Crisp Chat has done phenomenally well to scale up its business model in such a short space of time.

We certainly take our hats off to any tool looking to automate time consuming processes for SaaS businesses.

Crisp chat features

  • Analytics
  • Audio messages
  • Canned responses
  • Chat reminders
  • Contact forms
  • CRM
  • Internal search
  • Jira
  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Magic map
  • Private notes
  • Sync leads to Salesforce
  • Team inbox
  • Triggers
  • User ratings
  • Whatsapp

Crisp Chat pricing

Crisp Chat is free for personal websites offering up to 2 seats. For professional use, plans start at £25 per month, with the most expensive plan Unlimited costing £95 per month.

Perhaps when it comes to why users would search for Crisp Chat alternatives, it’s the need to scale up their business. For any company needing 4 or more seats, a basic free plan won’t suffice on Crisp Chat.

Crisp Chat alternatives

🏆 #1 – GoSquared

crisp chat alternatives

Your go-to for: B2B proactive and automated messaging, email marketing automation, user analytics, and simple live chat.

We obviously had to mention GoSquared, so let’s get it out the way first! Founded in 2006, GoSquared has a focused set of features that Crisp Chat doesn’t have. Whether you’re an established B2B business or launching a side project, if resource and time is something that you are short of, you’ll want to consider a tool with automation.

While Crisp has some automated functionality, the ability to start a proactive conversation with a new user is a limitation and relatively important if you want to trigger proactive messages. Proactive prompts can increase on site conversion by 20% and something to definitely consider if you’re looking at a tool like this for Growth. Likewise for any automated onboarding activity, you’ll want the ability to send automated, proactive messages.

These automations are part of GoSquared’s Marketing Automation feature that allows you to use website visitor behaviour (and in-app product usage) to trigger personalised automated messages to visitors, leads, users, and customers.

Of course GoSquared also includes a Team Inbox also, that can be used for both Support and Sales.

GoSquared pricing

GoSquared has a freemium plan that comes with Live Chat and proactive automated message Prompts, with premium features starting at $29/month

Start your free trial of GoSquared today.

#2 Tawk.To

crisp chat alternatives tawk.to

Your go-to for: free live chat

If you want free live chat that will remain free regardless of how many agents you need to add to your account, then you should consider Tawk.to. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use some of the other tools on our free and paid list to handle everything that Crisp does.

Tawk.To pricing

Tawk.to’s live chat is free forever. If you want to use their live chat agents (which isn’t required), then you’ll pay $1 per hour.

Visit Tawk.To

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#3 – Intercom

Your go-to for: Enterprise, all-in-one tool.

It’s hard to mention companies in the messaging space without talking about Intercom. They’ve firmly established themselves as one of the key players by offer a wide range and complex set of features for established business. It has like for like features to Crisp Chat with Live Chat, Bots and Automated campaigns.

Intercom pricing

Intercom pricing starts at £79/month but that pricing can scale significantly on numerous factors like seats, profiles and features. It’s fair to say their focus recently has been more on enterprise level clients, so this may be a fit for you if you have a significant budget for an alternative tool to Crisp.

Visit Intercom

#4 – Freshworks (Freshchat)


Your go-to for: free live chat with segmentation and prioritization

Freshchat is a robust chat software offered by Freshworks, which also provides sales, marketing, and help desk software. It includes features that marketing, sales, and customer support teams need like response prioritisation and conversation categories.

Freshchat pricing

Up to 10 members can use Freshchat for free. But as with Intercom, for bigger teams or better features (like triggered messages), you’ll need to upgrade.

Visit Freshchat

#5 – Olark

Your go-to for: Simple chat and chat automation

If you just use Crisp for chat, then Olark could be a great fit for you. It includes great, basic chat tools like file attachments and team and conversation management.

Olark Pricing

For $15 per agent per month, you get access to all of the core features.

Visit Olark

In search of Crisp Chat alternatives? Switch To GoSquared Live Chat today

crisp chat alternatives gosquared

The GoSquared platform allows you to drive powerful automation triggered by advanced real-time analytics. That allows you to automate conversations with your users, based on their real time behaviours, sending better more effective messaging – feeing up resource for your team to do what they do best.

Switch from Crisp to GoSquared Live Chat today.

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Russell is a sales engineer at GoSquared, focused on helping new customers get up and running with the GoSquared platform.

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