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Announcing GoSquared Live Chat (beta)

The instant, personal and easy way to talk to your customers

GoSquared Live Chat is coming soon

We’re thrilled to announce the beta of GoSquared Live Chat – an instant, personal and direct line of communication between your team and your customers.

GoSquared Live Chat enables you to turn more website visitors into signups, gain insightful product feedback and provide delightful customer service.

Why we’ve been busy building live chat

Building GoSquared Live Chat

The way most businesses communicate with their customers is broken. It’s a horrible experience for most customers to talk to most businesses. In addition, we believe almost every business could grow faster if they were better at customer communication.

For years, we’ve been building software to help teams truly understand their customers. When you know your customers, you can make them happy, you can win their loyalty, and you can even encourage them to tell their friends about you.

But once you understand who a customer is, it’s only natural that you would want to talk to them – to learn from them, to help them, to delight them.

GoSquared Live Chat is the natural extension of everything we’ve been working on for years – to be able to act on the insights and information we already give you.

We believe GoSquared Live Chat is the best way to convert your website visitors into signups, to turn signups into active users, and to delight your customers with amazing customer service.

Start acquiring more users instantly

Turn more visitors into leads and customers by answering their questions before they leave.
Learn more about how GoSquared for marketers.

Gain relevant, timely product feedback

Combine numbers and verbal feedback to make smarter decisions on how to improve your product.
Learn more about GoSquared for product people.

Encourage users to activate and convert

Sales is changing – it’s not about cold calls and endless emails any more. Turn prospects into customers with friendly, timely and relevant conversations.
Learn more about GoSquared for sales.

Provide delightful, personal customer service

Make customer support enjoyable for your customers and your agents. Help customers quickly and personally, and leave a smile on their faces without a single “ticket” or a second of hold music.
Learn more about GoSquared for support.

Getting started is simple

GoSquared Live Chat can be enabled for any website by simply copying the GoSquared JavaScript snippet. It’s the same snippet that powers GoSquared Analytics, and it’s tiny so it won’t weigh down your pages. If you’re on the beta and you’re already using GoSquared Analytics, you’ll be able to switch on Live Chat in just a click – it’s like magic.

Apply for the beta today

This is just the start for GoSquared Live Chat. We’re working on improving GoSquared Live Chat at a tremendous pace, and we’re iterating every day based on the feedback we’re gaining from our customers.

We’re building the tools to enable you to understand and communicate with your users better than ever. We want to help you grow your customer base with GoSquared Live Chat.

Live Chat is free while in beta, and you can get set up in just a few minutes.

Apply for the beta of Live Chat

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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