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Monitor your Magento online store in real-time


GoSquared for Magento - real-time website analytics for your online Magento store

GoSquared is proud to announce the release of our GoSquared for Magento plugin.

Users of Magento, one of the premiere ecommerce solutions on the web today, can now integrate the GoSquared Tracking Code (GSTC) at the click of a button by simply installing the GoSquared for Magento Plugin.

The plugin is available to download for free over on the official Magento site.

The Magento plugin has been deprecated 😞

However the good news is that you can still use GoSquared via the Segment plugin – read the guide.

How does GoSquared help Magento users?

For ecommerce website owners, it is critical to know what’s happening on your store right now. With other services such as Google Analytics – you can gain great historical reports about what has happened, but you don’t know what’s happening right now.

On Magento, GoSquared can alert you immediately when you are experiencing a traffic spike, and enables you to find out what product pages are gaining most attention. GoSquared can enable you to find out why your traffic is spiking – has Oprah just tweeted about your new line of shoes? Has TechCrunch just linked to your new lineup of iPhone cases? GoSquared helps you find out, so you can engage with the current audience with the added knowledge of where they’re from and what they’re viewing.

GoSquared enables you to grab information such as:

  • How many visitors are currently online.
  • What products are popular (or unpopular) right now.
  • Pages which have a high bounce rate.
  • Whether visitors are visiting or actually buying what’s on your site.
  • What sources customers have come to your site from and what search terms visitors are using.
  • The geographic locations of your site visitors.
  • How many people online are returning or signed in users.

Knowing statistics like these enables ecommerce site owners to make calculated, well considered, intelligent decisions relating to their online store. Best of all, GoSquared enables you to make these decisions faster than ever.

Adapt your store in real-time.

Adaptability is critical to the success of an online store. It is simply not good enough to have to wait for this valuable data that ecommerce site owners require – up to the second information is vital in order to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing audience that ecommerce websites can have.

With the GoSquared for Magento plugin, GoSquared now provides ecommerce website owners with this vital, up to the second information, allowing them to make intelligent decisions that give their customers the best possible user experience whilst maximising the returns of their online store – making everyone happy.

If you’d like to learn more about how the GoSquared for Magento plugin is helping website owners who run a Magento ecommerce website, just ask the team at StylistPick, rapidly becoming one of London’s most popular fashion businesses using GoSquared. StylistPick use GoSquared on a daily basis to ensure they know what’s happening on their store in real-time.

Screenshot of GoSquared real-time analytics dashboard for Magento

We want your feedback.

If you have any questions or feedback on the GoSquared for Magento plugin while it is still in beta, please let us know via email, Twitter or Facebook, or grab us on GetSatisfaction.

A big shout out to Aaron Parker (@parkeyparker) who worked so hard with us to release the GoSquared for Magento plugin.

Get GoSquared for Magento now. Enjoy!

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