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real-time visitor analytics from GoSquared

Visitors are central to our understanding of the real-time web web. The individual dots on the map are the source of all the data for our Dashboard but it’s equally as important to focus on the visitors themselves, they are of course your potential future customers or loyal readers.

With the new Visitors widget in Dashboard, we stripped the whole idea back to basics and brought in all we’ve learnt from 8 months of feedback on Dashboard. The Visitors widget is completely redesigned and gives more detail about visitors in an easier to use, simpler interface. At a glance it’s possible to see who’s on your site right now, where they came from and what page they’re on. The new page depth indicator makes it easier to find visitors who are more deeply engaged in your site.

Tag, ignore, and chat with visitors

As with before it’s easy to segment visitors based on whether they’re returning or if they’ve been tagged. Visitors can now be tagged both manually and automatically making it really easy to find visitors who are logged in or potential customers.

Clicking on a visitor gives the same kind of detail you’d expect including what browser they’re using, operating system, screen resolution. As it’s always important to understand where visitors have landed and then navigated around your site, the detail view also shows the current session – the path of pages visited and the actions the visitor has made on those pages.

In the details view it’s possible to ignore a visitor to prevent their page views and visits showing up in Trends or Daily Reports. To find a list of ignored visitors, just hit the little cog at the top of the widget to flip it over and see every visitor who has been ignored.


There’s now a more beautiful way to watch visitors cascade onto your site in real-time. Full-screen Visitors fills your display and gives a full height list of visitors on the left. Select one and you’ll see the current page they’re on charted against the current time, when they move pages you’ll immediately see the old page time out and the new page continue to flow along the timeline. If a visitor has visited a handful of pages you’ll see all of them and how long was spent on each page, a great way to visualise how engaging pages are.

Full-screen Visitors introduces the best way to understand individual visitor activity in real-time. It’s truly beautiful, and we believe it’s going to bring some hugely useful information to the attention of more website owners around the world.

Learn more about real-time visitor analytics in GoSquared.

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