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Why use GoSquared as an alternative to Matomo?


Matamo is one of the more established ‘open-source’ web analytics tools available today. While the name may be new to you, in actual fact, they used to be known as Piwik, and have been around since 2007.

Why use an open-source web analytics tool?

‘Open-source’ means that the code for the software is publicly available for anyone to see. There are a few different reasons that you may want to use a open-source analytics tool but they all usually boil down to having better control over your data.

There are a lot of concerns around data ownership and privacy which is why some consider open-source tools as alternatives to Google Analytics. Open-source software can offer piece of mind around how your data is being handled as you can review example what the code is doing and see how your data is being handled.

For privacy, open-source isn’t the only alternative.

If your main reason for considering an open-source tool is privacy, you do have other alternatives. GoSquared offers a privacy focused alternative to Matamo without the complexity or considerations around self hosting that open-source can bring.

GoSquared for simplicity, Matamo for complexity…

Like most software decisions, what you choose will depend on your use case. GoSquared offers simple, easy to understand real-time analytics. Matomo offers a lot more complexity, which if you are looking to really slice and dice data, you may want.

Both GoSquared and Matamo are privacy-focused analytics solutions. The data you track in both tools belongs to you and is never shared, sold to third parties, or used to generate advertising revenue. Both have met the rigorous standards to become GDPR compliant platforms.

GoSquared and Matamo are also both really well established businesses. With Matomo being established back in 2007 (as Piwik) and GoSquared being established in 2006, you know you are in safe hands with both companies.

GoSquared focuses on saving you time.


For the majority of web analytics software users, being presented with too much data and information can lead to data paralysis.

In actual fact, there are usually a few key metrics that you want to track and improve. Metrics such as, unique visitors, new visitors, bounce rate, and engaged time.

GoSquared curates these key metrics and presents them within intuitive dashboards. There is no set-up or customisation required. You are also given intelligent predictions on how your metrics are likely to end up for a given time period, so is easier to see where to focus your efforts.

To help save even more time, GoSquared also delivers these insights in automated daily, weekly and monthly reports straight to your inbox.

Sign up for a free GoSquared account.

It takes minutes to set up a GoSquared account and get your dashboards live. Sign up now to take control of your data and see the impact GoSquared’s privacy focused Analytics can have on your metrics today.

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Russell is a sales engineer at GoSquared, focused on helping new customers get up and running with the GoSquared platform.

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