85 Vector Icons

85 Window Vector Icons by GoSquared - free to download

The demands for more juicy GoSquared content have been heard! Here, in all their vector quality, are 85 shining icons ready for your next design.

This particular icon set falls into the “window” category. Nothing to do with “Windows” the operating system, but the adjustment of windows, panes, and closure icons.

Have a play around, they’re free as always, and you can do whatever you want with them.

New to GoSquared?

For those of you new to GoSquared – we help people improve their websites. GoSquared real-time web analytics enables you to understand what’s happening on your site right now. We run this blog, on design, technology and marketing to share our thoughts and content with wonderful people like you in the hope that you’ll also try GoSquared.

Ai Get the Adobe Illustrator CS2 File (450KB)

Don’t have Adobe Illustrator? Download the SVG.

85 Vector Window Icons

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Pay whatever you want

We put considerable effort into the resources we make. We’re asking anyone who actually gets some use out of these icons and buttons to pay for them, and for the time we spent creating them. We won’t set the price point, so pay whatever you like. Hate them? Don’t pay anything!

Using these icons commercially

If you want to use these icons and buttons commercially (on your company’s website, in client work, in any scenario where you’ll be profiting from the work they’re in) then we kindly request that you donate at least $40 to justify the time and effort we’ve put in to creating them. It wasn’t a small job, and your money goes directly back in to creating more quality design resources.

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