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Introducing GoSquared Automation

The easiest way to send personalised, behaviour-driven messages at scale to your contacts, on any channel.

We’re thrilled to introduce GoSquared Automation — a brand new part of the GoSquared platform which makes it easier than ever to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

It’s so easy, all you need to remember are your ABCDs.

GoSquared Automation helps you connect with your customers across their entire lifecycle: Acquire more leads, Build relationships, Convert deals, and ultimately Delight your customers.

Send the perfect message at the perfect time, via the perfect channel 

Before we go much further, if you’re new to the world of customer engagement and email automation, you might be interested in our beginner’s guide to email automation — check it out if you want to get up to speed on the basics!

Most businesses are stuck in the stone age when it comes to communicating with their customers.

That’s because most tools for customer communication were built in a different age – before we used our phones to consume information, our attention spans were shortened to seconds, and we owned multiple devices connected to the internet 24/7.

As consumers, we want to buy from the businesses that care, that treat us as individuals, as humans. We buy repeatedly from the businesses that earn our trust. More than ever, we don’t just buy from the biggest businesses; we buy from the unique ones – even if they’re on the other side of the world.

GoSquared Automation is born out of our desire to help businesses engage with their customers more effectively. We want to help businesses make every customer feel cared for.

Businesses that care for their customers don’t spam them, don’t interrupt their day unnecessarily, and don’t send them boring, irrelevant messages.

Onboard new users, re-engage customers at risk of churn, and encourage contacts to buy new products

Marketing Automation sounds scary to many. GoSquared Automation is anything but.

Build highly personalised sequences of messages across channels to drive a specific action, or simply send a one-off message to your contacts to announce something new.

Here are a few ideas for what you can do with GoSquared Automation:

  • Send a drip sequence of messages to new users of your product when they sign up, to encourage them to activate.
  • Find your users who haven’t visited your site for a while and gently nudge them to come back to check out something new.
  • Encourage customers to move to annual billing when they’ve been paying monthly for more than three months and have activated key features.
  • Send leads a series of messages when they download your latest ebook to encourage them to buy a specific product.
  • Announce a new feature to a specific group of users you want feedback from.

100+ features to engage with your customers

GoSquared Automation enables you to send messages based on specific behaviours via email and in-app to encourage your contacts to perform specific actions.

There are over 100 new features in GoSquared Automation – some of which have been our most requested features for years.

You, our amazing customers, have been telling us:

  • You want an easier way to send messages to your contacts.
  • You want to send messages in-app, and via email without relying on third party integrations.
  • You want to keep track of how well your messages are doing so you can improve them over time.
  • You want to centralise customer data in GoSquared and rely less on taping together a bundle of external tools.
  • You want us to bring the same intuitive experience you’re used to in GoSquared Analytics and Live Chat to the areas of the platform where you communicate with your audience at scale.

One-to-one is best. Automate the rest.

You’re working in a small business, you’re stretched for time. You’re juggling a thousand plates.

We know it’s always better to speak to your customers one-to-one. But there are so many occasions where it’s just not possible to engage with your audience on an individual basis – such as:

  • Messaging a customer when they upgrade, while you and your team are asleep.
  • Pinging a quick note to a new user the moment they sign up – 24/7.
  • Notifying all 10,000 of your users about a new feature.
  • Regularly giving hundreds of contacts who downloaded your new ebook a promotional coupon to drive them to purchase at the ideal time.

With GoSquared, we’re here to help you use the right tool for the job – often you want to engage one-to-one, but there are a huge number of opportunities to put your customer communication on autopilot and watch your business grow without needing to lift a finger.

Built on an enterprise-grade customer data platform

Powerful segmentation with real-time data enables you to send messages at the perfect time with always-up-to-date data. In fact, our customers have seen open rates double, and click-throughs increase 5x thanks to GoSquared’s real-time behavioural segmentation and data.

GoSquared’s roots are in analytics and data. Customer Data Hub has been used by thousands of businesses for years to segment audiences based on real-time behavioural data, all while respecting the privacy of your contacts.

The power under the hood of Customer Data Hub is usually reserved for enterprise level tools, that cost five- or six-figure sums annually. With GoSquared, you have powerful segmentation at your fingertips – whether you’re a team of one or one thousand.

Huge value at a fair price

We know that every penny (or cent) you spend on tooling is a penny you can’t spend on growing your team and spending directly on your marketing.

That’s why we price GoSquared fairly for all businesses. We strive to give you the best software in the world, with powerful and intelligent features, amazing customer service, and industry-leading ease of use, all at an affordable price.

Automation is now part of Suite

If you’re already a GoSquared customer on the Suite plan, we’re extremely excited to let you know Automation is now included at no additional cost.

That’s right – from as little as £79 / month, you can now benefit from everything in GoSquared Automation. A fraction of the functionality in Automation would cost £200 / month alone from other providers, and you can get it all, alongside Analytics and Live Chat for less than half that.

Learn more about pricing for the GoSquared platform →

Migrate in minutes

We know GoSquared is not the first service to allow you to email your customers at scale. But we believe it’s the most advanced, the easiest to use, and it’s available now for an unbeatably fair price.

We’ve made it easy to migrate from some of the most common email providers:

  • Import directly from Intercom.
  • Import customer data via CSV files from MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and other services.
  • Copy and paste your HTML email templates effortlessly.
  • Our team are on hand to assist with your migration every step of the way.

Send your first message today

GoSquared Automation is available today – create your free GoSquared account now.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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