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AI Marketing Tools: How To Succeed And Where To Hold Back


It’s a simple fact that AI marketing tools were always going to exist and continue to blow our minds as they got smarter.

Take ChatGPT, Optimizely, Persado, Lumen5 and Murf as some of the most talked about AI tools of the present day. These can do everything from write content to create video marketing campaigns on your behalf. 

But is it a case that you can now leave artificial intelligence to effectively babysit your marketing campaigns? 

Why AI can keep a watchful eye, it has its limitations not least because your audience has, and always will be humans. 

So here’s how to use AI marketing tools to achieve success without losing what makes your business…your business in the eyes of your customers. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Examples In EcoSend By GoSquared 

EcoSend by GoSquared is our new sustainable email marketing tool.

As a marketing automation platform, it too contains AI marketing tools as standard. But crucially, these are implemented in a way where your brand voice doesn’t get muted out. 

In a nutshell, this is us giving you the best of both worlds. All in a way which is better for the climate! 

Let’s take a look. 

Smart Text

Ecosend by gosquared AI marketing tools

Hey, we’re not all Shakespeare. 

Say you go to write an email, but you make a spelling mistake. Maybe you can’t nail the tone, or the text length is too short. Smart Text in EcoSend will fix that for you in a single click.

Think of Smart Text as the seasoning for your salad. The kick to your snare drum and any other possible analogy that makes you feel warm and fuzzy right now. 

Smart Text isn’t designed to replace your voice, but enhance it, and try out some new possibilities while you’re there. 

Magic Images By AI

We don’t think there’s ever been a study done on how long content creators spend aimlessly browsing stock image websites. But we know the time it takes to find a relevant, perfect image for any landing page or blog post is always far too long.

There’d be so many lawsuits for the amount of tea that’s gone cold in search of stock image perfection in my house alone. *Ahem*.

When creating emails or newsletter campaigns in EcoSend, we’ve cut this hassle out for you with Magic Images By AI. 

Type in any related keywords to your products, services or even the occasion and Magic Images By AI will trawl images on your behalf. All at the correct image size too.

Select. Drop. Drag. Done! 

Subject Line/Copy Suggestions

47% of email recipients will decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone – Invesp

So it’s fair to say there’s a lot of pressure to nail your subject line, especially since the wrong words could even land you in the spam folder

EcoSend has a tool which can give you text suggestions for various aspects within your email template. This includes headings, content, buttons and subject lines. 


A major advantage of any email marketing automation platform is the ability to segment audiences

This means sending the right message, to the right person at the right time to achieve higher open rates and conversions. However, AI marketing tools can also segment your lists, to see who is engaging with you, and who is at risk of churn.

Use this information to send re-engagement campaigns to disengaged users before they are gone for good. Without AI, it would be really difficult to keep track of this information, let alone be made aware of it, and be given the opportunity to fix it.

In the above image, you’re looking at fake data in our EcoSend dummy account (I think Lenny & Carl are in there somewhere. They send mail too you know!).

But with a live EcoSend account, all of this data reflects real customers of yours who are about to leave. Grab them while you still can with AI!

EcoSend free trial

Pssst: Like what you see? Have a free trial of EcoSend on us! We’ll even plant a tree just for creating an account with us. ✉️ 🌳

Ironically, the AI robots can’t pick up a spade and do that for you. (They mentioned something about a lack of elbow grease). 😉

AI Marketing Tools Benefits

As we’ve just demonstrated above with our own platform here at EcoSend by GoSquared, there’s a lot to love about AI marketing tools. 

The key really is to find tools and methods which enhance, rather than hinder an existing process. 

Here are some of the top advantages to look out for that could supercharge your marketing efforts in an instant. 

Powerful Analytics & Insights

ai marketing tools seo

The ability to gather and interpret data is by far the biggest perk of AI marketing tools.

Even basic tools such as social media analytics are essential to find out how your campaigns are performing. 

Most types of marketing tools have AI incorporated into them. From subject line generators to SEO keyword data – it just wouldn’t be possible to get the answers you need to create an informed marketing strategy without AI.

To maximise your success, consider the data that happens to be both relevant and helpful to your business and customers.

An example is search intent in SEO (see above!). Or data reporting trends which show the best sending times for your email campaigns and similar aspects. 

Get Direct Answers To Questions 

Nobody has all the answers. Whether you’re researching content, trying to find what your customers are most into, or simply want to understand your own marketing data. 

AI marketing tools can be used for all of these purposes and so much more. 

Given confusion can lead to wasted time and poor outcomes if AI can clear up anything for you, it’s got to be better than staring at a blank screen. 

Increase Productivity And Results 

ai productivity

Where AI is showing the most benefit is where it can replace any time-consuming or labour-intensive tasks. The results can dramatically speed up productivity.

The ability to have a spreadsheet drawn up in front of you and even write code is astounding. Depending on what you use AI for, you could potentially save a lot of time and effort with the robots doing it for you. 

We’re keen to stress AI isn’t a replacement for human specialists. But for genuinely inefficient tasks, AI is a game-changer. 

AI Marketing Tools Considerations 

A fine balance must be struck when using any AI marketing tools.

This is to ensure your brand still sounds personable, and that your audience is actually being catered to. 

Here are some major pitfalls to avoid when using AI marketing tools to ensure your business stays on the right side of success. 

ChatGPT And Copyright Issues 

chatgpt copyright

So you think you’re ‘saving time’ or even ‘saving money’ by ditching your copywriter to have ChatGPT write your content instead?

Not so fast, as a major concern with ChatGPT in particular is the lack of copyright. You didn’t write the content, so basically you don’t own it. When a competitor also has the same content appearing on their website after using the same technique, things could get even messier. 

It’s fine to use ChatGPT to get basic answers to help you write content. But remember, any content you actually use in the final cut needs to be unique to your website for you to own it. This can’t happen unless it was written solely by you or someone you hired (aka a professional copywriter). 

We even asked ChatGPT itself to clarify this. The answer above couldn’t be any clearer!

AI Tools Aren’t Always Correct… Nor Do They Grasp Language As A Form Of Expression

Robots don’t always get everything right. So the assumption you can leave them in charge of everything and never double-cross their work just isn’t true.

An example we’ve mentioned before is the likes of spell checkers such as Grammarly. As clever as such tools are, they don’t always fully grasp the English language, let alone local colloquialisms. 

Apply the same logic to every AI tool, and it’s clear that artificial intelligence isn’t always as smart as it seems. 

Not only do AI tools make mistakes, they also strip out personality in your writing and other content. Is that really what we want?

The beauty about language is that it takes so many forms. These expressions don’t always fit in a certain box, especially as our language changes over time.

But AI can’t grasp this, because it’s not human. Imagine a world where every single person used the same phrases over and over. We’d sound like robots. Oh wait…

Lack Of Brand Distinction 

lack of brand distinction ai marketing tools

In business, we always talk of USP (unique selling point). This outlines what makes your brand different from your competitors and for all the right reasons. 

Imagine a scenario where everyone uses AI tools for all of their marketing efforts. Very soon, everyone will sound the same. Where will this leave your USP then?

With all the personality gone from your marketing campaigns, it may be difficult to keep customers on side. 

Remember, you can never underestimate human creativity in marketing and business as a whole. Can AI seriously replace this? 

The Need To Maintain E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authority & Trust)

SEO is only one strand of marketing, but since we’re on the topic there’s something you need to know.

There are some people who believe SEO merely involves stuffing a bunch of keywords on a page and boom! – your page will rank #1 on Google. 

In reality, Google (and other search engines) have a set of frameworks which help them decide where pages should really rank. This can be broken down on a simple level by considering the E-E-A-T model (expertise, experience, authority and trust).

In a nutshell, search engines don’t want website owners to lazily use ChatGPT to write content, copy and paste the results into their website and hit publish. This content might contain the right ‘expertise’ but it offers little to no experience, authority in the subject or overall trust. 

Think of it similar to going to the gym vs drawing on abs: Sometimes, there are things you just can’t fake. 

AI Tools Are Robots…But Your Audience Is Human

It doesn’t matter how smart AI tools get. They can still never actually have the authentic human experience. All of the highs and lows that make us who we are, that influence how we think and feel. 

The Year 8 beep test in P.E for one. 🥴

(That was when I discovered my most expressive adjectives).

In short, when it comes to tapping into your customer’s wants and needs, there’s only so far AI can take you without any real human life experience. 

So whether you’re writing blog content, creating email marketing campaigns or even shooting a video campaign – if the result doesn’t truly speak to the humans watching it will miss the mark. 

By all means, use AI tools to shape your approach, and even get some ideas. But at the same time never lose sight of your (human!) audience. 

GoSquared – Get Email Marketing With AI Integrations

EcoSend by GoSquared

Striking the perfect balance of being able to keep what makes you unique as a business but with the assistance of AI tools is where it’s at. 

With GoSquared Engage and EcoSend by GoSquared, this is exactly what your business can benefit from. So if you’re in search of a new email marketing platform, or customer engagement tools that are AI-friendly, you’re in the right place!

Click the above links to get started with either of our email marketing tools.

Or if you’d like to chat further about how we can help reach your email marketing goals, please drop us a message, where a (human!) will be with you shortly.

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