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Introducing the new Services

It’s easier than ever to integrate all your tools in GoSquared

GoSquared integrates with the third party services you know and love

Since we launched our integrations with third-party services earlier this year, we’ve seen them become an increasingly important part of how teams bring their users’ data together in one place.

Over the last few months we’ve added more integrations, and improved others (and we have more in the works which you’ll hear about soon!) The Services tab in Site Settings quickly became increasingly more crowded and harder to navigate.

GoSquared integrates with all these third party services and more to help you understand your customers

We decided it was important to make it easier than ever to get set up and integrated with these third-party services, which started with our redesigned Site Settings earlier this year. Once Site Settings was liberated from its small modal view into a full-screen panel, we had much more room to create a far more intuitive experience for organising and discovering different services for integration.

Name your Services

If you set up several instances of a service such as Slack or Webhooks, you previously would end up with an unhelpful list of different unreadable URLs as the only way to tell between each instance. This made things like setting up notifications particularly difficult — you wouldn’t be able to easily tell whether you were picking the Slack integration that’d quietly DM you via Slackbot, or the one that’d notify the whole team in #general.

Well worry no more! We’ve added the ability for you to set a custom name to any integration, making it easy to tell them apart when adding or removing them, or choosing where to send traffic or People notifications.

Access for your whole team

Previously, only a Site’s owner (the person who originally created the Site within GoSquared) was able to set up and configure services. With today’s updates, we’ve made it possible for users the Site’s been shared with to view and update services. This means it’s easier than ever for your whole team to bring their data together within GoSquared.

Screenshot of Services in GoSquared

Available right now

The updated Services settings is available to all GoSquared users right now. Just head on over to your Site Settings to try it out now.

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JT is a co-founder and the lead front-end engineer at GoSquared. He's responsible for the shiniest of the shiny projects we work on.

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