Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a project?

A project is an individual website, store, or app you wish to track with GoSquared. Each project has a unique 'project token' that is used in the Analytics code. GoSquared allows you to add an unlimited number of projects to your account.

What is a People profile?

A profile is created when somebody registers for your service (becomes a customer), or when a visitor starts a Live Chat conversation with you – Learn more

How many seats, agents, or team members can I have?

All of them! We don't limit GoSquared by seat – our team sharing features allow you to share access to your account with as many friends or colleagues as you like, for free. Every shared team member will be able to view your dashboards, respond to Live Chat conversations and receive email reports – Learn more

Why are my GoSquared Analytics numbers different to Google Analytics?

All analytics services track and summarise data in different ways. GoSquared aims to be as accurate as possible, and includes some advanced methods for understanding the time visitors spend on your website with dramatically more precision than other analytics services – Learn more

Can I use GoSquared alongside other services like Google Analytics?

Yes, you can use GoSquared on any website you have control of, and it works seamlessly alongside anything else you have running.

What happens if I hit my monthly datapoint or profiles limit?

So that you never have gaps, GoSquared will continue to track data for you. When you pass your monthly limits you will be charged overage for your additional usage. The overage fee is calculated at the same unit cost of your current plan. If you're frequently exceeding the limit, it may be cheaper to upgrade your plan – Learn more

If you are on a free plan, you will lose access to your dashboards until your free limit resets at the end of the monthly cycle.

Can I block visitors and bots from polluting my stats?

Yes you can. GoSquared lets you block bots (like the Google Bot for example) and selected IP addresses to stop either from polluting your stats. Blocked visitors will also not be able to see the Live Chat button on your site – Learn more

I can't sign into my account

If you can't sign into your account, you should reset your password. You can reset your password by entering the email address associated with your account at

Forget your email address?

If you do not know the email address associated with your account, please email us on with details of the website you are using GoSquared to track.

If you continue to have problems signing in to your account, please email us on and we will investigate.

Will GoSquared slow down my site?

The GoSquared Analytics code will load in parallel with any other resources on the page. This means it will not have any adverse effect on your site load time. The code is non-blocking, so it will not cause your page to load slowly.

What plan should I choose?

Everyone enjoys a 14 day unlimited free trial before having to choose a plan. After 14 days you will be automatically moved onto our free tier, if you exceed your free limits you will be prompted to upgrade.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to sign up but can't decide which plan to choose.

For more info see – Choosing a GoSquared Plan.

What's the maximum number of concurrent visitors or datapoints you can handle?

GoSquared’s technology stack is robust and flexible, handling analytics for some of the largest websites on the planet. For individual sites processing billions datapoints, or if you any specific questions about scaling, please get in touch with us via


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