The GoSquared Drip integration has been deprecated and you are unable to set up a new Drip integration.

To send email campaigns, use GoSquared Sequences.

The GoSquared Drip integration enables you to send smart, targeted email drip campaigns based on the data that you have in Contacts. Using GoSquared and Drip you can send more personal, well timed email drip campaigns to your users.

Email actions/events from Drip such as, Subscribed to campaign, Opened email, and others are automatically tracked back in Contacts too – see the full list of Drip email events.

Connect GoSquared to your Drip account

Head to Settings > Current Project > Integrations and select Drip. You will then be asked to authorise your Drip account with GoSquared, as shown in the below screenshot.

You will then be asked which Drip account you would like to sync with your GoSquared project.

Edit Drip in Site Settings

How to automate an email campaign using Smart Groups and Drip

Let’s take the example you want to email people who have become disengaged with your business and start an drip email course with tips on how to make the most out your service.

1. Create a Smart Group

First you will need to create a Smart Group that defines who and when somebody should be sent an email.

In this example we want to create a Smart Group that has just one filter: Created within the last 14 days. We will call this Smart Group ‘New Users’.

When a new profile gets tracked in Contacts, they will automatically enter this group because their profile's Created at timestamp will be within the last 14 days. This group now allows us to target new users.

2. Creating an Automation Rule in Drip

First ensure you've already composed an email campaign that you wish to send. It could be a campaign containing just one email, or a sequence of emails. After you've prepared the campaign, in Drip navigate to Automation > Rules in the main toolbar then click the New Basic Rule button:

New Automation Rule

Select GoSquared from the drop down list of 3rd party event providers.

GoSquared Automation Trigger

Then in the Choose a trigger dropdown menu, select Entered Smart Group and type the name of the Smart Group that you wish to use. The name must exactly match the name that you gave it in GoSquared.

Choose Smart Group

Now we can move on to the second column to define the action Drip should take when a user enters that Smart Group. Select the Send a Campaign action and choose which campaign you want to send.

Select the Drip Action

Give the rule a memorable name. Then Activate the rule to turn the automation on:

Activate the Automation Rule

You can now view the performance of this campaign in the Campaign tab in Drip. You can also see the user level interaction with the campaign in Contacts. You can create additional Smart Groups that filter this behaviour, i.e. completed a Drip email campaign and used subsequently feature X, now subscribe them to a new email campaign.

Drip email events

The following events from Drip will be tracked in the activity feed of each person in Contacts:

  • Subscriber created
  • Subscribed to campaign
  • Removed from campaign
  • Unsubscribed from campaign
  • Unsubscribed from all
  • Completed campaign
  • Applied tag
  • Removed tag
  • Received email
  • Opened email
  • Clicked trigger link
  • Became lead

Frequently asked questions.

How do I email existing users in a Smart Group?

You can do this by adding a time based filter to the Smart Group. For example, you can add Last Seen Less Than 7 days ago. Overtime, the existing users will drop out of that group and when they renter the Smart Group the notification to Drip will be sent and they will be subscribed to that campaign.

If a user enters/exits a Smart Group will they be sent multiple emails?

No. Once the email address has been added to the campaign in Drip a duplicate one is not accepted.

What happens if I change a filter in a Smart Group after the campaign has been set up?

If you decide to alter or add another filter to the Smart Group being used to automate a Drip Campaign it will update and start sending notifications based upon the new rules.

This is great if you want to quickly target a new segment of users.

What’s a good way to get testing the integration?

You can create a Smart Group that only you enter and exit. Just add the filter email is exactly Then set an event based filter for an action on your site, like last hit button X within the last 2 minutes.

You can then go into Drip and remove yourself as a subscriber to that campaign if you want to test it again.

Anything else I should know?

Try to avoid using extremely granular time-based filters in your Smart Group – you don't want the user to enter and exit the group before the automation has had time to run. A good rule of thumb is to not use a time-based filter of less than within the last 2 minutes.

Use a customer's first name in your emails

When creating an email template in Drip, you can automatically address a customer by their first name using the popular Liquid Syntax framework.

GoSquared passes a customer's full name to Drip, so if you want to convert this to just their first name, just copy and paste this as the first line of your email:

Hi {{ | truncatewords: 1, '' | capitalize | default: "there" }},

This tells Drip to do the following :

  1. Use the '' property.
  2. Truncate the full name to just use the first word of the name.
  3. Capitalize the first character of the first word.
  4. Then finally, if there is no name provided, just default to say 'there'.

For example it would convert 'joe blogs' to 'Joe' making the opening line of the email read:

'Hi Joe,'

Or if no name was provided it would default to:
'Hi there,'